B2B SaaS Sales Representative

– Job Opening –

You know that the best sales people aren’t the ones chasing after a sale, but those that are genuinely interested in solving problems and building relationships with their clients. You know that because you’re one of them. Your clients can rely on you to help them make a purchasing decision even though it’s your product they’re buying. They trust you to act in their best interest and know they can count on you. If this describes you, we’d like to talk.

We’re a software company backed by one of the most rapidly growing and trusted security integrators in the business. SiteOwl offers its business customers the ability to manage their electronic security system information in one place. It further manages the complete system life cycle by integrating provider services from design through delivery and support. Simply put, we make electronic security management easy for both sides of the market. We were established by a leading 16-year-old electronic security integrator and are committed to building a product that customers love and changes how electronic security is delivered. SiteOwl is live with active paying customers. We’re looking for highly motivated, exceptionally talented sales representatives to forge new business relationships and expand our market footprint.

The ideal person for this job

  • Is quick to grasp what a prospect needs and knows how we can help
  • Is adept at making sales presentations, conducting product demos and developing proposals
  • Has excellent follow through and knows how to manage objections
  • Knows how to nurture a lead through the sales cycle
  • Is familiar with CRMs and lead management software
  • Knows how to create and maintain a winning sales playbook
  • Genuinely enjoys speaking to new people and building relationships
  • Knows that the best business relationships are built on honesty, trust and integrity
  • Has the knack for identifying sales opportunities and solutions that work
  • Knows that a customer’s refusal is not a rejection of themselves, but merely of the opportunity being offered at the time

Success in this role means

  • Being able to have 100 prospect conversations per week and managing a pipeline that supports this
  • Being able to schedule and deliver 10 product demos per week to qualified leads
  • Being able to close 2 sales per week


  • Prior experience in a B2B phone/remote sales
  • SaaS sales experience a big plus

CONTACT (Please send resumes via email)

Kristen Fox
HR Manager
Phone: (210) 545-1770 ext.125
E-mail: kfox@3sixtyintegrated.com