Recent CDC Update Paves Way for Full Return to In-Person Learning

With the ARP ESSER III deadline fastly approaching, school districts remain focused on the same goal: reopening schools safely, sustaining secure operations, and addressing the impact of the pandemic on students. 

The CDC’s most recent announcement goes hand in hand with these school districts’ desires.  

On July 9th, the CDC stated that safely returning to in-person learning in the fall is top priority. 

Even if districts are unable to implement all the preventative measures necessary to reopen schools, the CDC has stressed the importance of having students return to the classroom so that they can fully experience the benefits of in-person learning. 

And while in-person learning will benefit many, it is crucial that students, teachers, and faculty are able to return to a safe campus environment. With $11.2 billion made available to the state, Texas school districts possess the available ESSER funds to make this safe transition a reality.

Moving forward, the CDC recommends that schools continue to work diligently in order to prevent the spread of the virus. They have advised that schools continue to rely on cleaning and disinfection services, along with constant screening, contract tracing, and other methods in order to keep schools running smoothly.

These necessary precautions can be achieved through new security systems, security technology upgrades and/or specialized security applications like temperature screening, wave to open door sensors, visitor management systems, and more. 

ARP ESSER III funds provide a path to achieve this new level of safety and give students and campuses the ability to thrive now and in a post-pandemic world. 

If you’re unsure on how to best allocate your school district’s funds, you’re not alone. Our team is here to aid you in meeting the ESSER III Grant Application deadline of Tuesday, July 27th. We can help you develop a budgetary cost and implementation plan at no charge and with no commitment to work with us in the future. Click here to schedule a short, 30-minute meeting or call us at 877-374-9894.