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At 3Sixty Integrated, we know that designing and maintaining complex security systems can be complicated and overwhelming, especially for K-12 schools already facing many challenges. That’s why we’re always looking for innovative security solutions that empower schools to proactively address security threats.  

When it comes to effective screening and deterrence, CEIA’s OPENGATE weapon detection system is one of the most cutting-edge innovations we’ve seen in the industry. That’s why we’ve partnered with CEIA USA to bring this revolutionary technology to Texas school districts and assist K-12 schools in integrating it into their core security strategy.

What is OPENGATE? 

CEIA’s OPENGATE is a groundbreaking weapons detection system that automatically screens people to detect mass casualty metal threats such as weapons, knives, and other objects. Contrary to metal detector gates, the state-of-the-art system does not require any mechanical or electrical connection between the two pillars that define the passageway.

Additionally, unlike legacy walk-through metal detectors, OPENGATE is wire-free, so portability is not dependent on an outlet nearby or the number of extension cords you have on hand. Instead, when a weapon or mass casualty metal threat is detected, acoustic and optical signals at the top of each column will activate to provide simultaneous status and alarm indications.

Metal Detectors in Schools

In light of recent events, school leaders are turning to technology, specifically weapons detection systems, to ensure that students, staff, and visitors do not bring weapons or other threatening metallic objects into school buildings. The enhanced security measures serve as a deterrent and align with well-established physical security best practices.

In the past, placing metal detectors in schools was complicated for several reasons. Here are some of the ways CEIA OPENGATE solves those challenges:

Visible security measures in schools

A comprehensive report on school safety technology noted that visible security measures provide a deterrent and offer a sense of security to students, staff, and guardians, which is often as important as actual security. With 93 incidents, the 2020-21 school year saw the highest number of school shootings within the previous 20 years resulting in an increased demand for visible school security measures designed to deter, detect, and in a worst-case scenario delay would-be attackers. As a result, schools are increasingly using technology to reduce risks and strengthen their security posture.

School boards approve weapons detection systems

The recurrent shootings at schools have sent school leaders scrambling for ways to keep students safe. Local, state, and federal leaders are pushing for safer schools and prioritizing physical security to ensure their schools are protected. 

  • In Kansas, the Wichita Public School Board of Education decided to integrate OPENGATE into its overall physical security program. The move came after five guns were found at Wichita High School within the first two weeks.
  • In South Carolina, as part of its efforts to keep students safe, the Lexington-Richland School District decided to add another layer of protection on campuses with OPENGATE Weapon Detection Systems. 

How is OPENGATE different from classic metal detectors?

Classic metal detectors usually draw mixed reviews from school administrators because of their limitations and inefficiencies. One of the biggest challenges is that most schools typically have various entry points, alternating schedules, and special events that force them to adjust their entry procedures. 

Since most traditional walk-through metal detectors are fixed, slow, and often inaccurate (false alarms), the perception was that the disruption was not worth the inconvenience. Additionally, legacy metal detectors were not conducive to large events and presented schools with event security challenges, but with OPENGATE this will all become a thing of the past. 

For example, the Warren Board of Education approved the purchase of 22 OPENGATE systems. Additionally, because they are compact and portable, school officials will use them at various events, such as graduation, dances, and home football games.

Ultimately, OPENGATE recognized the need schools have for fast, automatic, and efficient screening, and they delivered!

Innovative Weapons Detection System

Schools are facing dynamic threats that require highly accurate and unobtrusive security screening. While all school leaders want safer schools, some students and teachers see metal detectors as intrusive and denigrating. OPENGATE addresses these concerns in its design by incorporating: 

  • A near-zero rate of nuisance alarms 
  • Extremely high throughput: faster screening of people in transit with bags, backpacks, and purses
  • Integrated high-precision transit counter.

With mass shootings becoming an ever-present reality, school administrators have been working hard to implement school security solutions to prevent weapons from entering the building. As the world’s first active walk-through detection, OPENGATE allows school districts to address security concerns while maintaining a welcoming environment.

Integrating weapons detection systems 

Traditional security screening wasn’t made to handle the dynamic threats of today. For example, before the increase in gun violence and technological advances, most schools in the United States did not use metal detectors regularly because of logistical and financial challenges. In fact, according to the National School Safety and Security Services, stationary metal detectors were typically limited to large urban school districts with a chronic history of weapons-related offenses.

In this environment, school boards that want to take a layered, systems-based approach to physical security need to adopt a holistic framework that includes:

  • Video Surveillance
  • Access Control 
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Weapons Detection

Today’s weapons detection systems improve safety by speeding up the screening process, reducing nuisance alarms, integrating with other security systems, and more. 

Choosing the Right Solution

In response to the uptick in high-profile incidents of school violence and community outcry, school boards planning to implement screening procedures should consider the full range of available solutions as they design and implement physical security improvements. 

OPENGATE technology allows schools to keep entrances flowing by reliably detecting guns and other weapons as students, faculty, and visitors walk through at a natural pace. The result is a less intrusive system that allows a large number of students to enter the building in a minimal amount of time while still ensuring the detection of a weapon. 

3Sixty Integrated is excited to offer this cutting-edge weapons detection system to our clients, along with all our other strategic solutions, from access control to video surveillance. Create a robust security solution well after your OPENGATE units are deployed by partnering with 3Sixty Integrated and CEIA USA. Our team of engineers will assess existing safety solutions, provide recommendations based on industry best practices and develop an innovative system to keep your students and campus safe.

Contact us today to see how 3Sixty Integrated can help your school district. 

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