Financial Institutions

Protecting the integrity of your financial institution is your most important task. Breaches of physical security erode public trust and can lead to fines, penalties and loss of insurability for your enterprise. 3Sixty Integrated offers solutions to eliminate security gaps and instill consumer confidence in your establishment.  

Establishing Consumer Trust in Financial Institutions   

Whether they’re on your premises, passing through the drive-through or using an ATM, consumers expect you to provide top-tier protection. However, there is still the risk of security breaches. According to the FBI’s most recent bank crime statistics, over 4,000 intruder violations occurred in 2016. There are some specific security barriers that make financial institutions more likely to be targeted, such as:

  • Open plans. Many banks have adopted open floor plans to create a more welcoming atmosphere for consumers. These plans can create security holes that present privacy and safety risks as employees are so accessible.
  • Outsourced alarm response. Banks used to connect alarm systems directly to law enforcement dispatch centers. Financial institutions have shifted away from this practice due to false alarms and now outsource alarms to call centers for triage. While third party oversight reduces false alarms, it also creates a dangerous delay in the event of a serious incident. The average bank robbery takes only 3 minutes, so a delay of only a few seconds could allow the perpetrator to escape.  
  • Compliance and law changes. Any FDIC insured institution will have to adhere to strict physical security protocols. Financial institutions in our state also must meet standards set by the Texas Finance Commission regarding consumer privacy and physical security standards.   
  • Disparate locations. Financial institutions often encompass many different branches, drive-thrus, ATM kiosks and more. Often, systems are designed for each specific area rather than as part of a greater infrastructure. This setup creates confusion in the maintenance and management of security devices.

One breach doesn’t just cause immediate financial losses. It can also break consumer trust that takes years to build, resulting in a long term impact on the institution’s bottom line. We combat these issued by combining physical security systems, to help our clients protect more assets with fewer devices.    

3Sixty’s Financial Institution Solutions  

3Sixty Integrated helps financial institutions connect their physical security systems and boost their effectiveness through expert design and installation. Systems we typically focus on in the financial sector include:  

Access control and door solutions

Access control allows you to restrict entry to sensitive areas while allowing employees to move freely throughout the building. Our door solutions work in conjunction with access control. This way, you can lock down the building quickly during an incident, or establish automated locking and unlocking schedules for everyday use.

Custom ID Credentials

With our custom credentials, employees can use key cards or even mobile apps to unlock doors and access resources. We provide the most secure options, to include smart cards with integrated chip technology.

Intrusion protection and video surveillance

Our alarms include a review of your system’s most vulnerable points. We also offer the latest in IP video technology and data storage, to provide real-time, high-quality monitoring of locations.


SiteOwl is a total system solution to device management. With it, you can monitor devices at any time, no matter the location. You can also use it to get real-time updates through the installation process, so you can keep key stakeholders informed.

3Sixty Integrated provides industry-specific expertise for financial institutions that want to upgrade their security. Our integrated approach allows you to expand your security in time with your institution’s growth, ensuring consistent, seamless protection. For more information, call (210) 504-1731 or fill out our contact form.