Higher Education: Security for Universities by 3Sixty Integrated

We live in a time when campus shootings are an unfortunate possibility, and educational institutions now need plans in place to secure their campuses against every new threat. How does a school adapt fast enough to stay a step ahead? The fortified security system needed to keep campuses safe requires planning, maintenance and expertise. It’s a big job, but our colleges and universities don’t have to do it alone.

School Security Has Its Work Cut Out for It

Colleges and universities face many unique challenges when securing campuses. Some of these challenges include:

  • Heavy foot traffic. Schools have thousands of students and faculty hurrying from building to building all day, every day. When you have this many people, you can’t stop each one to scan their badge. Schools need a robust security strategy that spots security risks and keeps up with the pace of higher education.
  • Many buildings across large campuses. Security technology must be integrated throughout all campus buildings, or else some areas may be siloed and excluded from the rest of the system. This process requires certified, knowledgeable engineers, because installing new technology in dated buildings can be complicated. If a university’s buildings use an inconsistent mix of devices, the security system may not be fully integrated, leaving blind spots or uncontrolled doors and devices.
  • Lack of adequate security staff. Many colleges do not have a security professional on staff. Without a qualified security professional, colleges may not have a good understanding of what functionalities their security system needs. Many schools end up piecing together their own security systems, which are often ineffective.These improvised solutions may use uninformed, weak security strategies that eventually must be redesigned, wasting time and money.

You need a security integration partner you can trust to design and install your security infrastructure.

3Sixty Integrated takes students’ safety seriously. Ensuring higher education has the security systems it needs to keep people safe is our greatest priority and our pride.

Get Help from a Solutions Partner You Can Trust

You don’t have to navigate through these challenges alone. We design, install, integrate and service electronic security systems that help keep you in control while minimizing student inconvenience and maximizing their protection. Our systems are fully-integrated and enable you to manage all our security assets from a single dashboard view. With our solutions you can be confident your devices will work when you need them most.

Video Surveillance

You can’t be everywhere at once. But you can keep an eye on every area of your facility, 24 hours a day. We offer the latest innovations in IP video and video management system (VMS) technology. And we strategically place cameras where they will capture any activity in out-of-the-way places, ensuring no corner goes unwatched.

Access Control

Take control of who can enter select areas of your campus, including buildings, classrooms, laboratories or any other restricted areas. With wireless technology, controlled gates and other access control systems, you can customize exactly how and where people move around your property.

Custom Identification Credentials

On a large campus, how can you ensure people really are who they say they are? Using 3Sixty’s ID credential solutions, from prox cards to smart cards with integrated chip technology, you’ll have a solution to identify people without slowing down your campus’ busy pace.

Door Solutions

A single malfunctioning or unlocked door can compromise your entire security system. We will assess the current door and frame assembly of every asset on your campus, design a customized electronic door solution where necessary and ensure all doors are fully integrated with your overall security system.

Critical Communications

In the event that something does go wrong, a campus-wide communications system can get the word out fast. We’ll integrate your communications system with your security system; ensuring security alerts will be instantly sent to students, faculty and administrators.

Intrusion Protection

Prevent potential threats from accessing your campus with intrusion protection. We can assess whether you want to integrate perimeter protection and intrusion detection sensors into your security system. This can give you the control to ensure only authorized people are on your campus.

We also track, optimize and maintain the functionality of all electronic security systems throughout their entire lifecycle and allow you to control all installed hardware from a single dashboard view using SiteOwl.

Graduate to a Smarter Electronic Security System

When you choose 3Sixty as your solution provider, you benefit from our security system design and installation expertise. Our highly trained electronic security engineers specialize in identifying and countering security gaps, and stay up to date on the latest innovations in electronic security.

A new school year can bring a host of new worries to students, faculty, and parents. Campus security shouldn’t be one of them. Give your academic institution a reliable security infrastructure that puts everyone at ease with 3Sixty’s electronic security solutions for higher education.

At 3Sixty we strive to be more than just solution providers. We’re security partners, delivering tools that produce high-level security for universities. To learn more about 3Sixty’s electronic security systems for higher education or request a demo, call us today at (877) 374-9894 or fill out our contact form.