Industrial Facilities

Detecting, diverting and responding to security breaches in industrial facilities is challenging without the use of comprehensive security. Aside from protecting people, assets and intellectual property, you may have to contend with risks of a much more concerning nature. Industrial facilities such as energy production plants in Texas can often be targets of terrorist groups because of their products. Congress established the risk certain industrial facilities face when they passed the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards Act in 2007. This act underlines both the catastrophic potential of attacks on chemical and petroleum plants, as well as stringent standards high-risk locations must meet to prevent these incidents.

Monitoring the day-to-day safety of staff and property and protecting against serious attacks while maintaining high-productivity is not easy. But integrated security systems designed and installed by industry leaders allows you to focus on the output of your facility by establishing turnkey security systems.  

Security Needs in Managing Facilities

The risks industrial facilities deal with will change based on what they produce. Plants that process gas, oil, chemicals and power may face increased risks of terrorist attacks. Meanwhile, manufacturers of food and other consumables for major brands may face an increased risk of stolen intellectual property. In either case, the most significant threat comes from people who want to bypass your security system. Because of this, industrial facility security systems should be able to:

  • Identify individuals who enter and exit facilities. This includes not just verifying they have active credentials but that those credentials actually belong to them.
  • Restrict non-authorized personnel from specific areas. Industrial facilities are rarely open access, as certain areas must be restricted to protect expensive supplies, intellectual property and valuable equipment.
  • Track the movements of those inside the facilities. This step is where most facilities fail, as people may gain access into a building but are not monitored after receiving access.   
  • Document attempts to gain unauthorized access. Any attempts to bypass security, even failed ones, should be automatically cataloged in the system.  
  • React by alerting key stakeholders and third parties to the potential breach. This reaction could include directly notifying managers of a security violation. Alternatively, it could involve reaching out to first responders in the event of a severe incident.

These steps can be difficult to implement, especially as many industrial facilities are very large and have a rotating list of personnel who need access. Integrated security systems designed with these unique challenges in mind will help you provide a better solution to controlling access while maintaining productivity.

3Sixty’s Industrial Solutions

Common solutions in industrial security involve controlling the internal traffic on your factory floor. 3Sixty takes this a step further, by integrating common enterprise systems into one cohesive plan.

Video surveillance and intrusion protection

Surveillance and intrusion protection act as the eyes of a facility during on and off hours. By linking such systems to existing access control, you can even keep track of someone’s movements as they travel through the building.

Access control and credentials

We offer a wide range of custom credentials for everything from retina and fingerprint scanning to smartphone ID cards. Our access control systems, meanwhile, can be used to control traffic flow for your entire facility by establishing permission hierarchies based on job duties.  

Tracking results with SiteOwl

SiteOwl provides a control center for all your security devices that you can use to manage your systems efficiently. It also enables enterprise software integration, so you can use your HR databases to feed into your existing access control program and eliminate steps in managing permissions.

Industrial facilities require extensive management that must also be scalable as the needs of the facility change. 3Sixty Integrated creates comprehensive designs that provide full-system, low maintenance management for your facility. For more information, call (210) 504-1731 or fill out our contact form.