Local Government & Municipalities

Unified city-wide security plans are a growing trend for local government and municipalities. These public-private collaborations have already helped law enforcement in many areas. Boston’s program allowed authorities to capture the Boston Marathon bombers, while Detroit’s “Project Green Light” is helping to reduce crime. 3Sixty Integrated assists community leaders by providing intuitive designs and technology.  

Local Government and Municipality Security Challenges

Municipalities and local governments don’t just have buildings to protect. You must also ensure the safety of their citizens. Issues unique to these entities create barriers to building robust security plans.

  • Historical buildings: Older buildings are often difficult to upgrade with modern technology. Drilling to attach components may not be allowed or structurally possible.
  • High risk of serious incidents: Disgruntled citizens and politically motivated intruders represent a genuine threat. In active shooter incidents from 2000 to 2017, 10% of attacks occurred in government facilities.
  • Overlooked facilities: Municipal parking lots and local rest stops are often overlooked, as people don’t spend a significant portion of their time in those areas. Security funding is typically spent to protect employees and citizens, so funding goes to where they spend most of their time.
  • Funding restrictions: Governments aren’t just limited in how much funding they have. You’re also limited in its use. Spending on projects must be justified and accounted for when using taxpayer funds.

In addition to keeping government property safe, unified city-wide security expands the reach of a system and ensures consistent protection. The first step in any city-wide program is in-house electronic security integration.  

3Sixty’s Government and Municipality Solutions

3Sixty Integrated helps you proactively manage your security with technology. Our experience with government clients helped us develop a wide range of solutions to the problems facing this industry, including:

Creative designs

Our engineers can use innovative wireless and IP technology to put security devices in places where it wasn’t possible before. This is achievable even in areas with limited power supply or modification restrictions.

Shooter detection integration

Shooter detection software is the best option for rapid response in an active shooter situation. 3Sixty combines this technology with other systems like surveillance, critical communications and access control to increase response time and protect people in the event of an incident.   

Unmanned monitoring and access control

Video surveillance, intrusion protection and access control all offer a way to monitor lower priority areas like parking lots and rest stops without increasing man hours. These systems also provide a deterrent against crimes of opportunity.

Tracking results with SiteOwl

SiteOwl provides the transparency needed to prove taxpayer funds are well-spent. This automated software tracks installation in real-time—so you can watch your system being built—keeps stakeholders informed, and monitor the entire security system to ensure continued effectiveness.

3Sixty Integrated helps municipalities and local governments lay the groundwork for city-wide security with our scalable designs. We also offer full system reviews for entities to prove the need for funding with real, actionable assessments. For more information, call (210) 504-1731 or fill out our contact form.