Manufacturing and Distribution Centers

Manufacturing and distribution centers must balance efficiency with security or run the risk of significant losses. Internal theft accounts for 35.5% of all inventory shrinkage, so security procedures in these high-risk centers are a must. However, overly burdensome protocols can be costly too. 3Sixty Integrated’s value-engineering approach is ideal for striking the right balance between maximizing protection and production.   

Efficient Security Challenges in Manufacturing and Distribution

Warehouse best practices rely on continuous improvement protocols that increase efficiency. Eliminating steps or variables in any manufacturing process reduces the risk of error. Security is needed to mitigate standard industry risks, but with every risk response comes an efficiency cost.

Risk Response

Employee security checkpoints and inventory reviews reduce internal theft.

Risk Response

Surveillance cameras monitor inventory, prevent damage or theft and provide evidence for investigation into losses.

Risk Response

Intrusion detection systems and perimeter alarms allow manufacturers to monitor large areas and unmanned buildings.

Efficiency Cost

False alarms are expensive for companies. They disrupt production and result in fines and fees from emergency response services.

Efficiency Cost

Without 24/7 monitoring of the surveillance system, inventory theft or faulty equipment may not be noticed for months. 

Efficiency Cost

The time spent on these checks could cost a manufacturer millions in production delays. Personnel, overtime and technology costs to run such programs could eliminate any savings from reduced shrinkage.

In addition, while trying to balance these risks, you’ll face limitations in your loss prevention budget. Risks and costs are best balanced through integrated electronic security systems that will increase efficiency while reducing expenses. We understand these challenges and believe these risk and costs are best balanced when working with an experienced integrator.

3Sixty’s Manufacturing and Distribution Center Solutions

As a manufacturer and distributor, you are well versed in the systems you need to manage security. The issue is that these systems are often segmented or cobbled together piecemeal. They don’t speak to each other in a way that supports an integrated design. 3Sixty Integrated helps manufacturing and distribution companies like yours build turnkey, scalable solutions to meet your unique industry needs.


Our onsite review sets a baseline for your system’s current status and function. We suggest corrective actions to improve the management of security concerns.


Our engineers begin a design which combines your current resources with suggested improvements and plans.


Our open source technologies connect disparate third-party systems and monitor them in one spot.


Our real-time installation updates via SiteOwl allow key stakeholders to get project status at any time.


Our certified and qualified technicians help you establish system maintenance programs that can extend your devices’ lifespans by years.

3Sixty Integrated specializes in electronic security integration, allowing us to set up manufacturing and distribution center programs with minimal downtime. Our on-site evaluations help you gain the most value out of your security while minimizing its impact on production. For more information, call (210) 504-1731 or fill out our contact form.