The biggest threat to military base security comes not from organized groups, but from a single person. It can be deceptively easy for hostile actors to find security gaps in city-sized bases. A good proactive security strategy is to engage an experienced engineer to design and install a comprehensive electronic security solution.   

Managing Risks on Stateside Military Bases  

Domestic military bases aren’t often targeted for organized attacks because they’re hard targets. There are protocols in place for managing such risks. Sole intruders pose a much more significant threat, as they rely on simple but effective tactics:

  • Mail and vehicle bombs. A standard attack method on military bases is to deliver explosives via vehicles or through the mail. The high volume of both can open a base up to risk even when strict protocols are in place.
  • Credential theft or fraud. False credentials often lay the groundwork for espionage or future attacks by getting intruders on base. Thieves may either use existing stolen cards or steal equipment to make these cards.   
  • Perimeter breaches in isolated areas. Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio spans over 400 acres, and that’s on the smaller side when compared to other military bases. Comprehensive installations are necessary when securing thousands of acres of isolated and remote areas. Otherwise, individuals could seek out weak points in these areas to sneak onto base undetected.    

Intruders present a unique threat to a military base security as they’re difficult to monitor. Their plans are often dependent on your personnel being overwhelmed with visitor volume. However, specially designed and integrated electronic security offers an advantage in managing these types of threats.

3Sixty’s Military Solutions

The best way to manage volume-based security risks for a military base is with integrated electronic security. 3Sixty Integrated provides scalable, comprehensive solutions to monitor high-risk activity and help personnel manage threats.  

Here are just a few of the options we offer:

Critical communications

3Sixty Integrated provides a wide range of VoIP solutions that allow you to establish communications stations just about everywhere. Suspicious activity can be reported and responded to quickly, even in remote locations.

Credential management

3Sixty Integrated offers end-to-end identity management of credentials as well as some of the industry’s latest innovations. Mobile credential options, as well as prox and smart cards, can provide better identity control and reduce fraud risk.

Intrusion protection

Surveillance, sensors and mass notification systems work together to warn personnel of potential security breaches. This allows for consistent protection of unmanned, remote locations with minimal staff.


This service allows at-a-glance status updates on all security equipment, making it ideal for large installations like military bases. SiteOwl can also be used to monitor installation and upgrades in real-time.

3Sixty Integrated offers better base protection through our integrated systems and accompanying SiteOwl software. A full system review can often provide military leaders with great insights into how they can streamline security. To schedule one, or gain more information on our solutions, call (877) 374-9894 or fill out our contact form.