Office Buildings

Office building security has a diverse set of needs. The building may house a variety of businesses, all requiring different levels of access. Often, the only suitable choice for managing these buildings is through full-time security staff. That’s an extremely expensive practice which may not resolve the issue as it doesn’t reduce the risk of human error. 3Sixty Integrated can offer you an alternative by providing a turnkey electronic security solution that is less costly and more effective.

Juggling the Diverse Needs of Office Building Security  

The security needs of an office building come in layers. Access needs will change based on job responsibility, time of day and visitor volume. Here’s why that’s complicated:

  • Multiple entry points. Office buildings may have one primary entry point, but numerous secondary doors to allow for rapid evacuation in the event of an emergency. These points can be weak spots that create gaps in security.
  • Off-hours access needs. Employees may need to work outside of standard office hours. Without an automated system, staff will need to be available 24/7 to let them it.  
  • Rotating staff. Office buildings will see regular employee turnover. Databases that manage these access permissions may become unwieldy as new employees start and old ones leave.
  • Elevator access. Elevators are an oft-overlooked part of office building security. Different floors may have different security needs so open access elevators aren’t always appropriate.  
  • Internal threats. Some of the risks to safety in an office building come from those who have access already. Without monitoring of common areas, issues with theft or vandalism could arise.

The ability to automate security can provide better management for your building. In the end, electronic security is a more cost-effective, scalable solution over hiring full-time security staff. 3Sixty Integrated creates office building designs for clients in San Antonio who want to improve security without increasing staffing expenses.

3Sixty’s Office Building Solutions  

3Sixty Integrated specializes in offering turnkey options to streamline security for your office building. These systems help you balance the need for access while also reducing risks:

Access control and credentials

Our access control solutions and credential options allow you to establish permission hierarchies easily. If lost cards are a problem, we also offer mobile credentials that your employees can carry on their phones.

Video surveillance and intrusion protection

Comprehensive building monitoring is possible both during business hours and after with our surveillance and intrusion detection systems. Expert installation ensures all blind spots are covered and false alarms minimized.

Automatic and accessible security software

SiteOwl acts as the hub to manage all your building’s various security devices and systems. With it, you gain real-time insight into your system’s status, from installation all the way through maintenance and replacement.

Office buildings require scalable solutions as business needs change. 3Sixty Integrated’s engineers can design with that flexibility in mind. We also offer expert installation and maintenance programs to extend the life of your system. For more information, call (210) 504-1731 or fill out our contact form.