As more purchases are being made online, brick and mortar retail stores need to deliver a fun, convenient and safe shopping experience to stay competitive. In order to keep retail shopping alive and well, retailers need an electronic security solution provider that understands their challenges and knows how to overcome those challenges using strategic technology.

3Sixty Understands What Other Retail Security Companies Don’t

According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, over $13 billion in goods are stolen from retailers each year. Meanwhile, the National Crime Victimization Survey shows that from 2004 to 2008, an average of 401,920 violent attacks happen in parking lots and garages, along with an average of 2,018,180 property attacks. Protecting your customers and employees from harm while mitigating loss for your business is of the utmost importance.

We’ve made it our mission to understand potential vulnerabilities so we can spot your security risks before the wrong people can exploit them. We’ve worked with countless facility, security and loss prevention directors to understand what retailers struggle with. Maybe you have chain stores that span multiple locations. Maybe you have a car dealership with merchandise that can literally be driven away. No matter what your retail business sells, our solutions can give you the tools and functionality needed to protect your people and property.

We’ll assess your current security system, spot ways to make improvements and install the equipment needed to fortify your system. Your customized solution will be strategically placed throughout all of your stores and will be fully integrated, enabling you to control it using SiteOwl™ Security System Management Software. And our Lifecycle Management service will give you constant, 24-hour support for all components. From the initial assessment to long-term solution maintenance, 3Sixty Integrated can fortify your electronic security system better than anyone else in Texas.

Video Surveillance

Placed at the point of sale, video surveillance can deter shoplifters and catch suspicious employee behavior, such as too many voided transactions. We focus on improving the design of your video surveillance infrastructure by evaluating your existing set-up and identifying vulnerable areas that need fortification. And we are highly selective in the equipment we install:  our camera and infrastructure lowers bandwidth and compression rates while retaining high image quality.

Our video surveillance features:

  • IP video and video management system (VMS) technology
  • IP camera servers, customized video analytics
  • District-wide access control and video surveillance
  • District-wide video surveillance for parking lots

Door Solutions

If a thief can make it through your door without being detected, they’ve gotten away with it. That’s why monitoring and controlling your doors is so important. Back doors especially are risky. If an employee leaves one open on break or overnight, you’re vulnerable to intruders. Unmonitored backdoors are also tempting to employees who think they can sneak out undetected with merchandise.  

To improve your doors’ security, we can assess your current door and frame assembly and design a customized electronic door hardware technology solution just for you. Your solution can include reliable hardware, like integrated or magnetic locks, that are adaptable, scalable and may be integrated with supplemental security platforms. Alerts can be set for doors that are propped open for too long, or timed to automatically lock at the end of the business day. Your customizable solution eliminates human error and gives you peace of mind.

Intrusion Protection

Our intrusion protection solutions monitor traffic flows to detect and prevent vulnerability exploits, helping you protect merchandise. Alarm systems are integrated with access control and IP video (Internet Protocol digital video), and keep you informed of security breaches with mass notifications delivered along an interactive network.

Our intrusion protection highlights:

  • An interactive network
  • Connectivity and programming
  • Mass notification

Custom Identification Credentials

Another way to protect your people and merchandise is through custom identification credentials. Unlike ID badges that can be forgotten or lost, smartphone-based technology and fingerprint-based solutions are newer solutions that can’t be misplaced. And they integrate seamlessly with mixed credential environments such as door, parking and gate control.

Critical Communications

Should a security breach occur, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you already have a working communication system in place. Our communications system can notify employees and management of important security alerts at all store locations, even during emergencies.

Our offerings include:

  • VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) communications technology
  • Mass notification systems
  • Emergency phone towers
  • Video intercom

You work hard for your money. Why lose it through shrinkage? Prevent losses and strengthen your bottom line with 3Sixty’s electronic security solutions for retailers. Our laser focus on security solutions for the retail industry sets apart from our competitors, who simply dabble in retail solutions. Tell us about your stores and the challenges you face. Together we can find your security loopholes and devise a strategy for keeping your people and property safe.

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