Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare is a fast-paced industry. Medical professionals are very busy and may not have time to dedicate to their security infrastructure. 3Sixty Integrated offers turnkey solutions to help healthcare facilities manage risks and allow medical providers to focus on their main priority: saving lives while maintaining HIPAA compliance.   

Securing People, Property and Information

Healthcare facilities of all sizes have access to valuable property and data, which makes them an appealing target for criminals.


Three of the most prevalent security concerns for healthcare providers include:

  • Protecting vulnerable people. All businesses worry about the safety of their staff and visitors, but healthcare facilities face an additional burden. Patients are vulnerable and need extra protection as they may not be able to protect themselves or leave the premises in the event of an evacuation.
  • Physically securing sensitive data. Employees losing laptops or criminals stealing servers represents a far higher data risk than most facilities realize. In fact, physical theft and loss accounts for 46% of healthcare security breaches. The first step in a robust security program is establishing physical security for protecting hardware.  
  • Reducing losses from theft. Expensive medical equipment and medications act as high-value targets for thieves. Losses can result from theft as well as property damage when they attempt to break in to take these items. Facilities without strong physical security may become victims of opportunity.

The healthcare industry operates on a foundation of trust. Patients entrust these facilities with their health and their private information. Donors who finance expensive equipment expect that equipment to be protected. The government expects secure storage of controlled substances. 3Sixty Integrated helps you meet those expectations with these following electronic security solutions.

3Sixty’s Solutions to Common Healthcare Industry Problems

3Sixty Integrated designs around the issues that we know healthcare facilities face. Our healthcare clients seek out our expertise because we have industry experience.

Some of the systems and services these clients find particularly useful include:

Access control and door solutions

These solutions work together to control facility foot traffic while also limiting entry. This way, restricted areas are secured and medical providers can move quickly through the building to respond to emergencies.

Intrusion protection

Intrusion protection acts as the eyes and ears of your healthcare facility. It’s able to monitor those who are supposed to be there while reporting those who aren’t. Integrating this with our access control and critical communications options provides a faster response to incidents.

SiteOwl software

SiteOwl monitors your entire security system from the design stage, all the way through to installation and maintenance. It can also merge HR databases with access control, allowing your facility to update staffing information in real time.

3Sixty Integrated designs security programs to take care of your people, property and data. Our fully scalable systems are ideal for the high-growth healthcare industry where practices expand and security needs change rapidly. For more information, call (877) 374-9894 or fill out our contact form.