Tech Offices

Tech offices face unique security challenges because the assets they protect are often intangible. Intellectual property, data and trade secrets are highly valuable commodities in the technology sector. Offices that protect these ideas could become victims without the right programs in place. 3Sixty can help you use electronic security to protect the technology and ideas that are the foundation of your business.  

Protecting Intangible Assets in Tech Offices   

Most likely, you already have a robust cyber-security program in place. Individuals who want to go after your assets know that as well. They won’t rely solely on cyber-attacks for gaining system access. Instead, they’ll look to physically breach your company to steal information. 

  • Server/equipment theft. Physical theft of company equipment is reported to account for 40% of industry-wide data breaches. Thieves who target tech offices choose this route because company devices give them wide access to internal software and databases, and companies often aren’t as well protected by electronic security as they are with cyber security.
  • Device security holes. In some cases, thieves can use the company’s existing security devices against it. IP cameras, for example, can present a potential breach if they’re discoverable online or lack strong password protections. If not properly installed, an IP camera can be hacked, hijacked and used to spy on a business.  
  • Stolen or fraudulent credentials. Thieves could steal access cards from existing employees or create their own to gain entry to a building. Once inside, they use that same card to travel through secure areas and use onsite equipment to view restricted info.

Thieves look for ways to breach a tech office’s internal network through holes in their electronic security. Even the best cybersecurity program will fail in the face of insecure physical access. 3Sixty can create physical security programs that prevent unauthorized access and help support your cybersecurity efforts.

3Sixty’s Tech Office Solutions  

3Sixty Integrated focuses on innovation when helping tech clients create comprehensive security programs.

Our clients come to us because we provide the latest in physical security systems, to include:

Access control and credentials 

Our access control and custom credentials are paired together to manage building foot traffic and provide you with an ongoing log of egress and ingress. We even offer new options popular in the industry, like mobile app credentials.

Video surveillance and intrusion protection

We provide secure installation of IP cameras using industry best practices to prevent common causes of breach. Our intrusion protection detects and validates infringements to minimize false alarms.

SiteOwl software

SiteOwl software keeps you updated on your system, from installation through maintenance. With it, you gain real-time access to the status of all your devices. You can also keep track of service dates and warranties in one central location.

3Sixty Integrated provides the expertise your tech office needs to protect its data and information with physical security systems. We stay up-to-date with industry innovations, allowing you to benefit from the latest and most secure features. For more information, call (877) 374-9894 or fill out our contact form.