Enterprise Security Installations & Integrations

Project Manager

During any project, there’s nothing worse than missed deadlines, and resources who are uncommunicative or difficult to reach so you’re left to wonder what’s going to happen next.

Well, forget that with 3Sixty. With every 3Sixty project, you’ll get a dedicated Project Manager (or “PM”)who is a single point of contact and works directly with you to create the project schedule and handle all project-related communications, so you’re not dealing with multiple people and wondering who’s the best person to reach with any questions.

Proactive communication for successful installations

Each 3Sixty installation project starts with a kickoff call with your 3Sixty PM, where you’ll get the initial plans with project steps and timeline.

After the kickoff, your 3Sixty PM will reach out at least once per week to give you a status report. The report shows you which project milestones are complete and which are next, so you’ll always know where your project’s at.

In addition, if any problems arise — such as if a 3rd-party component goes out of stock — your 3Sixty PM will reach out to you as we learn of the issue, to let you know how this might affect the project, and what we’ll do to minimize problems. (That said, 3Sixty keeps many system components in stock to prevent inventory problems that might affect your project.)

When 3Sixty handles your project, you’ll always know what’s going to happen next, and who’s going to do it.

No matter how large or small your project is, you deserve a project with a reliable scope, schedule, and budget. Your 3Sixty PM will always be in touch proactively to avoid surprises and let you know what’s going on with your project. And of course, you can reach out to your 3Sixty Project Manager at any time.

The Best Techs

Apart from your dedicated project manager and an inventory of spare components, 3Sixty invests in our workforce to ensure your project’s success:

Any tech who works on your project completes 40 hours of specialized security system training per year, which is rare in the security industry. And unlike most of 3Sixty’s competitors who staff up with mostly temps, 3Sixty almost exclusively hires full time employees, so we can invest in our people and make sure they do the best job for you.

We measure project success by your satisfaction, and we’re pleased to have some of the most-satisfied clients in the industry.

Schedule your free consultation with 3Sixty Integrated today, and finally get the security and peace of mind you deserve.