Security System Lifecycle Management

Your organization depends on your electronic security system for risk control, business optimization, and—most importantly—people’s safety. To that end, you’re constantly collecting and monitoring data, observing behavior, and juggling the equipment needed to run a comprehensive solution. In a field where letting things slip through the cracks can have severe consequences, keeping your eye on so many different elements can be overwhelming.

Consider the equipment. Any business’ security system is comprised of countless pieces of equipment; they have different functions, sub-systems, power sources, and lifespans. The system may have had equipment additions over the years, resulting in a system whose parts are not uniform, optimized, or even integrated with the whole. And while a security system comprised of a variety of equipment can still be extremely effective, it can create challenges when it comes to managing your devices.

Which assets aren’t functioning optimally? How many security cameras are currently down? You need to place a service ticket for each, but how long will the technician wander around your campus before locating the right equipment? The list of items needing your attention is ever-growing and ever-changing. You need to log every service ticket and keep those records on hand. And you need to review that information to know how to budget for upcoming replacements. With people’s safety at stake, how can your department keep up?

Get the solution that gives you control. Streamline your electronic security maintenance and gain system transparency with proactive Lifecycle Management.

What is Lifecycle Management for Security Systems?

At 3Sixty Integrated, we offer Lifecycle Management (LCM) because we know how many tasks security personnel must juggle. As in many other sectors, Lifecycle Management for security systems is a way to track, optimize, and maintain the functionality of a system throughout its entire lifecycle. This is a continual process that regularly assesses your system for improvement opportunities, monitors the effectiveness of your security solution and every piece of equipment that comprises it, and tracks the functionality of that equipment. If devices need to be replaced or fixed, LCM includes service and replacement. It’s a hassle-free way to manage your devices at a glance and give you control.

Lifecycle Management by 3Sixty Integrated is powered by our proprietary software, SiteOwl™.

The Fundamental 5: Lifecycle Management Stages

1. Technical Assessment

To monitor and maintain your security solution, you must first know precisely what security measures you currently have in place. A 3Sixty certified enterprise security engineer performs an on-site assessment, documenting the precise location, function, and specifications of each security element in your system. We then input your facility’s floor plan into our proprietary software, mapping each device to it. All device details and assessment data are stored in our software, where they can be accessed as needed. If, during the initial assessment, we discover any security gaps, or if your system isn’t at the security level you need, we can present a customized plan to make those improvements.


digital floorplan for lifecycle management for security systems

The digital floor plan shows all security devices for each floor and building of your campus. The status of each device is also color-coded for ease of identification.

2. Specs & Standards

Within your system’s digital blueprints, each and every piece of security equipment you use is documented. Each asset, in addition to having its exact location mapped, features notes on its status. Notes include installation specifications and standards to ensure system integrity and vendor accountability across multiple devices and locations. Every time a device is serviced, repaired, or updated, details are documented in our software.


security system service tickets in lifecycle management software

See all your in-process service tickets from one screen.

3. Optimize & Support

We take a proactive approach to your system’s performance, providing unlimited service calls, one-click service requests, scheduled maintenance, and programming updates. Our software’s handy dashboard provides an at-a-glance overview of every security device your system contains, broken down by type. Within that breakdown, you can see precisely how many devices are functioning correctly, partially, or not at all. Our LCM software alerts you when a security hardware asset is not working, and you can request service from a 3Sixty technician—with one click. The digital floor plan makes it easy for our technicians, once on site, to quickly locate the referenced equipment and document their work. You’ll get live updates, enabling you to track the status of each service request.

quickly create a service ticket for security system maintenance

Quickly create a service ticket for an individual security asset within our software.

Additional technical support includes:

  • Remote Technical Support & Testing
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Unlimited Service Calls
  • One Click Service Requests
  • Preset Unit Pricing & Loaner Parts

4. System Changes

Your security solution is continually evolving, so routine equipment replacement and additions are just one more element of Lifecycle Management. When it comes time to upgrade, replace or add a device, 3Sixty’s LCM provides preset unit pricing and expedited quotes and installations on new units, with each update being documented and easily tracked on our proprietary software. For larger projects, you’ll be able to access an overview that shows a project’s percentage of completion, specific details, and the full project schedule.


keep tabs on a security system project with lifecycle management

Keep tabs on larger security system projects that are underway.

5. Reporting

Much of your budgeting and future planning for your security system depends upon being able to collect and analyze data. Our  reporting capabilities make gathering such data easy. Our software provides customized and data-driven device, ticketing, and cost reports that help you make informed budgeting and planning decisions.


siteowl's dashboard shows all devices for security lifecycle management

See the in-the-moment status of all your security devices from the dashboard.

lifecycle management for security systemsThe thing about Lifecycle Management is that it’s cyclical. Managing your security system is a never-ending process; and monitoring, reporting, assessing, optimizing, and requesting services may need to happen simultaneously. LCM by 3Sixty allows you to do that.

Ensure Your Security Solution Is Supported by Lifecycle Management

Make staying in control of all your security assets easier with Lifecycle Management from 3Sixty Integrated. More than just a solution provider, we are your security partner. With our Lifecycle Management, you’ll get the support you need to keep up with routine security tasks and the high level of organization you require to keep your finger on the pulse of your security system. And that means you can work with greater confidence, every day.