Custom Identification Credentials

You can’t control who accesses places and permissions if you can’t accurately identify people first. That’s why robust access control starts with fully integrated custom identification credentials. By using the latest ID credential technology, your solution can be customized to meet your organization’s unique identification needs. With the right credential system in place, you can define the roles and permissions of everyone within your organization. We offer comprehensive identity management solutions that are the first step in an end-to-end security system.

Dated Identification Credentials Weaken Your Security

How you identify people is the starting point to robust security. If your business uses clunky, dated ID credentials, it is already off to an inefficient start. The wrong credentials make your security staff’s jobs even harder. Large organizations can mean thousands of ID badges that are difficult to track and manage. People forget or lose badges, all the time. Security personnel need an easy solution for issuing and removing ID credentials as needed, in a way that is fully integrated with access control. This is especially true for industries that must meet governmental security compliance regulations.

With so many challenges, how can you protect your people and your property? By engaging a security partner that specializes in ID credentials.


From ID Badges to Prox Cards, 3Sixty Integrated Has You Covered.

We build security solutions and nothing else. Clients come to us with a host of different challenges, and we’ve customized solutions for them all. We can give your organization the comprehensive solution it needs to overcome your toughest ID credential challenges. By partnering with you to understand your unique business challenges, we can develop a credential management strategy that best meets your performance and operational needs. 

And we’ll do it using the latest advancements in credential technology:

  • End-to-end identity management systems
  • Mobile credentials, available on handheld devices such as smartphones
  • Prox cards and smart cards with integrated chip technology
  • Technology that works in mixed credential environments, such as door, parking or gate control

More than just a transactional company, we’re stakeholders in your success. So let us design a solution just for you. Our new ID credential technology will make your card management problems a thing of the past.

If Your ID Credential System is Bulky or Insecure, Talk to Us

When you need to verify the identity of every person under your roof, 3Sixty is the security partner that can help you stay in control. Choose our custom identification credentials solutions and keep your people and property secure. They’re fully customizable, use the latest technology and integrate fully into your security system. We can help you identify who accesses your restricted areas and uses what permissions, no matter how many people are coming and going.

At 3Sixty we strive to be more than just solution providers. We’re security partners, delivering tools that produce high-level security.To learn more about 3Sixty’s custom identification credentials or request a demo, call us today at (877) 374-9894 or fill out our contact form.