Intrusion Protection

Controlling access to exclusive areas is a vital part of protecting your people and property. To prevent security issues like theft or assault, you must know who goes where at all times. But gaining this level of visibility isn’t easy and security professionals face many challenges.

  • Wireless security devices can disconnect
  • False alarms may be triggered
  • Security products can be hampered by use in the wrong environments
  • Existing security systems may malfunction during a security incident
  • Your security provider might not offer the training or support you need to keep your systems working properly

3Sixty Intrusion Detection Systems Are Your Eyes and Ears

3Sixty’s intrusion monitoring solutions constantly monitor important areas across all your organization’s locations and alert a critical communications network if a security breach occurs. This gives you the awareness and information you need to act quickly if an intrusion occurs, which resutls in better security outcomes.

3Sixty’s certified engineers will assess your organization’s current security system and identify points where it is most vulnerable to intrusion. We design an intrusion protection solution specifically for your company’s unique needs and integrate it seamlessly with your overall electronic security system. A Project Manager will keep you informed during every step of the installation process, and our Lifecycle Management solution will keep your intrusion protection system up to date and available through greater uptime.

Our intrusion protection systems feature:

  • Intrusion monitoring
  • Alarm systems that are integrated with access control, IP video and other systems
  • An interactive network
  • Connectivity and programming
  • Mass notifications delivered through a critical communications network

Our solution keeps a watchful eye on all your sensitive assets and exclusive areas, instantly notifying your critical communication network of intrusions using the technology of your choice: IP video, texts, phone call, emails or other alerts. This means you choose which members of your organization receive alerts, and how they get them. And because intrusion protection is integrated with access control, the security system can automatically deny a would-be intruder access, stopping them in their tracks.

Upgrade Your Intrusion Protection System with 3Sixty Today

There are people out there who want your organization’s assets, information and property. Stop them before they can do harm with a vigilant 3Sixty intrusion protection solution today.

At 3Sixty Integrated, our engineers who are qualified and certified in a wide range of components, allowing them to be flexible enough to design something for your businesses specific needs. Use our expertise to create a cost-effective, cohesive electronic security system design. For more information, call (877) 374-9894 or fill out our contact form.