Video Surveillance Protection

Video surveillance protection systems are your first line of defense in protecting assets and personnel from on-premises incidents. Aside from providing your business with footage of onsite issues, video surveillance has a deterrent effect. Individuals may be less likely to commit crimes when they know a surveillance system is in place. In a study done by Cornell, it was found that the presence of a camera reduced crime by as much as 51%.

Of course, your system is only as good as the images it produces and the coverage it provides. 3Sixty Integrated takes a full security infrastructure approach to your video surveillance system. We offer a more efficient way to manage your enterprise’s video surveillance and maximize the protection it provides.

Common Enterprise Issues in Video Surveillance

Growth in the popularity of video surveillance makes it easier to manage and use systems, but that same new technology increases the complexity of controlling those systems.

Some of these complexities include:

  • No command center: A command center controls all vital system communications. It’s the central point for storing information, monitoring equipment, and managing maintenance. Unfortunately, many enterprises follow more segregated system infrastructures. This scattered structure results in issues with management and support. There’s no single place where responsible personnel can review footage, store data or check components.
  • Minimal monitoring: Unmanned systems are cost effective in many situations, but with those unmanned systems comes risk. If live security footage isn’t monitored, there’s a potential of losing essential video capture. Critical footage may be lost due to equipment problem oversight.
  • Outdated equipment: Outdated equipment could result in potential system failure or impact your system’s deterrence effect. That doesn’t mean cameras themselves should always be your first upgrade priority. Sometimes, it’s far more beneficial to update the infrastructure that links the cameras together. This is something commonly done via our Lifecycle Management approach.  
  • Poor physical setup: An efficient security system requires a streamlined design. The angle of the cameras must maximize capture potential. Designing around risk points—like entryways or restricted areas—is essential. A weak physical setup hinders the overall effectiveness of the system.

A well-designed video surveillance system gives a birds-eye view of your business. It is important to find a security company who designs your system with the big picture in mind. A security integrator experienced with working with a full range of components offers the best solution for your enterprise security needs.

3Sixty’s Total Solution Approach to Video Surveillance   

At 3Sixty Integrated, we provide a better way to manage your entire video surveillance infrastructure, from installing the best cameras to storing data and updating components in the most effective way possible. All this is handled through our commitment to three key areas: design, installation and integration, and support and training. We work with you to develop and optimize all three components with our comprehensive Lifecycle Management approach.


Our security solution begins with our complimentary on-site assessment. We then recommend actions that will keep your people safe, mitigate risk and optimize your business.


We design an electronic security solution for your organization that accommodates your processes and is easy to manage from a single interface.


Turnkey electronic security system integrations are the core of what we do. We deploy open source, scalable technologies that allow for customized third-party integrations.


Don’t spend additional resources implementing custom designed systems that often add time, complexity and cost. Our well-trained teams deliver on time and on budget.


Our specialized training courses equip your team with the knowledge they need. All courses are taught by our certified and trained security system designers and senior technicians.

A well-rounded video surveillance system acts as your business’s first line of defense by deterring illegal activities while capturing any incidents that may happen. With a comprehensive surveillance design from 3Sixty, you’re better able to manage your components while improving their impact. By working with our engineers, your enterprise will have a fully-integrated solution to video monitoring.

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