Enterprise Security Support & Training

We get it. Security system manufacturers don’t often provide the best training on how to actually use their systems, and you and your team have a lot to do besides learn every possible function of your security software.

But when you have turnover and someone leaves your team, it can be an especially painful event if that person was better-trained on some parts of your security system compared to the rest of your team.

Even more importantly, your security systems are complex and mission critical, so if they malfunction or go down, you’ll be in a bad place if you don’t have someone who knows how to handle it ASAP… especially after hours or on a weekend.

We can help.

Service and Support

Having a problem with your security system in the middle of the day or the middle of the night?

Call our 24/7 service desk for emergency support at any time.

With a 3Sixty service plan, someone is always standing by to help. Call us — our service team is an extension of your team. (That’s what our clients tell us.)

3Sixty also stocks critical system components for clients on a service plan, and we can deliver them to you reducing downtime in the rare event of a hardware failure. We make a special effort to stock parts that have a history of being the most valuable to keep in inventory, at no extra charge to you.


If you’re on a service plan, you’ll receive a weekly support report, which shows you which issues your team opened, how long issues have been open, and which issues our team resolved. This can help you spot and get ahead of support trends, such as failing equipment, or the need for training.


A well-trained team is a team in control.

Many of our competitors rush through training if they provide any at all, leaving your team confused, unprepared, and unable to effectively prevent, monitor, and control incidents.

3Sixty’s training experts ensure that your team fully understands and has practiced everything they need to effectively manage your security. You also receive clear, easy-to-understand instructions to manage useful functions that your team might not use as often. With the proper training, your team will have the knowledge and confidence they need to address any security issue that your systems can handle.

Schedule your free consultation with 3Sixty Integrated today, and finally get the security and peace of mind you deserve.