VP of Operations

– Job Opening –

Change isn’t exciting…to some people. To other people, it’s what makes their world spin. Developing proactive and innovative solutions to achieving organizational goals and objectives is interesting. Integrating how the big picture of operational initiatives comes together through day-to-day implementation is fascinating. And leading these efforts in a business environment with minimal legacy baggage or politics is absolutely amazing. If you’re one of these people, and you have the capacity to drive change through an organization, we’re interested.

Our company is expanding through a growing reputation for quality and customer satisfaction with large scale, enterprise level projects. We’ll soon be positioned as the fastest growing electronic security systems integrator in the Southwest. We’re adding new team members, raising the expectations of our existing team members, and radically shifting the way we do business.

You’ll manage millions of dollars of installation work with a team of project managers, project coordinators and field personnel, increase our estimating capacity with a team of systems designers, and develop processes and procedures to deliver on our brand promise of “our customer always knows what’s next.” You’ll be supported by a hands-off, dedicated and supportive President with an open mind, open to change. Two years from now, we’ll look back and you’ll be a key leader who helped transform our business. Your vision will have come to life.

The ideal person for this job

Has the following personal and professional attributes

  • Has the ability to develop an “outside-in” perspective while analyzing and improving critical areas of the business
  • Hold his/her team to high standards and will hold self to an even higher standard or performance
  • Is highly organized and can support teams in their efforts to streamline work
  • Understands that we can’t exist without our employees and our customers and is focused on cultivating the improvement of employee and customer experience.
  • Demonstrates a sense of urgency with timelines. Believes in being proactive rather than reactive
  • Is a strong proponent of learning and can quickly immerse himself/herself in a new industry and business
  • Is highly analytical and data driven. Adopts a data centric approach to analyzing and solving problems

Will create and nurture a team that is capable of delivering excellence in service by

  • Investing in the learning and development of team members’ personal and professional growth
  • Leading the learning and development effort by staying up-to-date on new advancements in the industry
  • Setting up a strong coaching and mentoring framework for the team in a manner that fosters team and individual performance

Create and implement a strong operational framework that is comprised of

  • A robust project and resource management methodology that is scalable, sustainable and system driven
  • A strong process-centric approach to doing things – one that is repeatable and reproducible
  • Developing and implementing initiatives to identify gaps and improving core business processes through the adoption of quality management practices such as Lean and Six Sigma
  • A strong review process that allows the team and self to learn from past mistakes and make course corrections wherever needed
  • Process standardization and the reduction of non-value added activities and tasks
  • Successfully transform department operations in design, production and service through a rigorous process centric and metric driven approach

Meet and exceed the following business goals

  • Improve estimation accuracy by a factor of two and Gross Profit margin by 10% by six months
  • Improve Customer Experience outcomes by 20% by six months


  • A Bachelor’s Degree
  • 5+ years’ experience managing middle management employees and their teams
  • 5+ years’ experience in operations
  • 3+ years’ experience in a senior leadership capacity
  • Certifications in Lean or Six Sigma an advantage

CONTACT (Please send resumes via email)

Kristen Fox
HR Manager
Phone: (210) 545-1770 ext.125
E-mail: kfox@3sixtyintegrated.com