In 2002, before we were known as 3Sixty Integrated, CEO Joseph Ndesandjo founded DHS Security to help protect commercial and residential clients and their assets.

After a few years and several thousand satisfied clients, the team decided to focus exclusively on what we do best for our clients — custom engineer-designed, IT-compatible security system installation and integration for enterprise clients, with proper support and training.

In 2008, DHS sold off its residential business and rebranded as 3Sixty Integrated.

3Sixty is now a one-stop shop for enterprise security systems in the State of Texas, and a trusted partner for many clients in the US military, K-12 Independent School Districts, higher education, healthcare, and enterprise-level business.

We can help with any project, big or small

Whether you’re planning a new system, or need help with an existing system that’s difficult to use or simply failing to meet expectations, 3Sixty can help.

We’ll recommend the most reliable, easy-to-manage, and cost-effective way to protect your people and your property, while keeping you in complete control. Sometimes, you don’t even need to buy new equipment … it’s amazing how often this happens.

Unlike most other security firms who use their sales people to design security systems, our clients benefit from free comprehensive, professional system designs created by 3Sixty’s professional security engineers.

Our hyper-specialized focus on enterprise security system design and integrations — specifically within Access Control, Critical Communications, Intrusion Protection, and Video Surveillance — enables us to offer our clients the best service in the security industry.

Why 3Sixty?

3Sixty’s system integrations ensure that you can:

  • Be sure that your security systems will work when an incident occurs and you need them most.
  • Get expert support whenever you need it, especially if you’re in the middle of an emergency.
  • Keep your security professionals fully trained, prepared, and in control of any security incident … no more scrambling because only one person knows all of the system, and maybe they’re out sick the next time something goes wrong.
  • Leverage all the security capabilities within your systems, so you get the most bang for your buck.
  • Achieve best-in-class security coverage to protect lives and property.
  • Avoid or overcome technical glitches that result from poor, haphazard installations by less-skilled firms who just want to sell equipment and abandon you.
Electronic security systems that save lives, protect property, and keep you in control.

Schedule your free consultation with 3Sixty Integrated today, and finally get the security and peace of mind you deserve.