Top notch security.
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Who we are

We believe that great security requires a shift in thinking.

After 20 years in business and hundreds of successful projects, we know that the traditional methods that most integrators used just don’t work anymore.

Modern security systems are more complicated than ever. Every device is complex. We know that it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

That’s why we offer a transparent approach and a “no surprises” guarantee so that everyone is always on the same page.

We challenge our clients to think differently about their business, and we’re passionate about working with them to create custom-fit security solutions that are easy to understand and maintain.

Meet our team

Our most important asset is our people and their passion to propel the electronic security industry into the 21st century. Every member of our team gives their all each day to plan, build, and maintain systems that keep our clients and their customers safe and secure.

Abraham Canales General Manager
Emily Minica Controller
Brenda Constantin Marketing Manager
Desiree Licea Director of Service and Resources
Cindy Ramirez Operational Excellence Manager
Abraham Canales General Manager
Abe works closely with technicians, installers, project managers, and clients to make sure that every product is successfully delivered.

As a veteran technician with a long history in security integration, Abe has done it all. He started out pulling cable and worked his way through nearly every position to oversee installations for 3Sixty. His wealth of experience assures that every technician executes at the highest level.

When he’s not showing the rest of the team how it’s done, Abe is a passionate remodeler, builder, and family man.
Emily Minica Controller
Emily is focused on ensuring that the 3Sixty team has the resources it needs to meet demand, provide outstanding service, and ensure that all promises are kept.

As controller, Emily oversees all financial aspects of the business and provides the numerical trends, data, and insights that steer business objectives and financial goals.

She loves to play board games with her three boys, catch up on a good book, and explore nature by going for a hike.
Brenda Constantin Marketing Manager
Brenda designs and executes marketing and communications for the 3Sixty team.

Though her duties cover a gamut of traditional marketing roles, Brenda is passionate about raising brand awareness and building team culture. She has been known to spearhead client-facing initiatives, such as workshop activities, in order to deepen relationships and heighten brand differentiation.

Outside the office, Brenda is a passionate foodie with a strong interest in experiential travel. You’ll always find her in the middle of a high energy environment, whether she’s playing with her pups or seeking out a new adventure while on vacation.
Desiree Licea Director of Service and Resources
Desiree manages the service, maintenance, and resources department for the 3Sixty team.

With a background in security consulting and large enterprise project management, Desiree has built an understanding for the “right” way to serve. Her passion for providing excellent customer service means she ensures our clients have unparalleled support for their systems.

As a lucky mom of five with a set of triplets and two stepchildren, Desiree has built a reputation for juggling whatever life throws at her with grace and competence. When she wants to unwind, you’ll often spot her enjoying the hill country or listening to live 80’s or country music.
Cindy Ramirez Operational Excellence Manager
Cindy continuously elevates our team by streamlining processes and procedures as our Operational Excellence Manager.

Originally from Maryland, Cindy has built a tenure at 3Sixty of over 8 years. With an expertise in the project management field, she has developed a keen knowledge for building efficient processes that reinforce 3Sixty’s strong culture. Her passion for growth and improvement has spearheaded the department to provide our team with on-going guidance for critical initiatives.

When she’s not organizing our team to greatness, Cindy is a dedicated mother of two little ones who rule her world.

Our values are SOLID

We believe that our success is directly related to our values.

An environment that inspires greatness in each of our team members is essential to the consistent and elevated experience that provides unique value to our customers.

Our values were not created to be written on a wall and forgotten. They are maintained by the systems we use and the discipline we expect from one another. Our values help us avoid short-term thinking and stop us from allowing factors like talent, ego, or seniority to drive poor decision-making.

Because our values can never be fully realized, they are not achievable goals. Instead, they are the guiding principles that we aspire to reflect in our daily lives. We continually strive to represent them well and reinforce them in one another.

SOLID keeps our culture strong, enables us to make a lasting impact, and allows us to enjoy our journey toward success.

Serve Others
Focus on helping others.
Outstanding Attitude
Be positively contagious.
Learn and Grow
Always try to improve.
Incredible Initiative
Act with passion and strive to make a difference.
Dream Big
Dream vividly as impossible becomes inevitable.

Careers at 3Sixty Integrated

We’re always looking for SOLID candidates to join our team.

As a division of The Cook & Boardman Group, we have several open opportunities listed for our local office location.

Are you in?