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3 Reasons Why Security Visibility is Critical for Smart Buildings
April 13, 2022

3 Reasons Why Security Visibility is Critical for Smart Buildings | 3Sixty Integrated

The era of smart buildings is here. Buildings with autonomous functionality to control lighting, climate, access control, fire detection, and video surveillance are labeled smart because of their high energy efficiencies and integrated systems. Yet, while these features rightfully get a lot of praise and attention, people tend to overlook all the subsequent security concerns. 

8 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Corporate Physical Security Strategy
March 31, 2022

8 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Corporate Physical Security Strategy | 3Sixty Integrated

Creating a corporate physical security strategy is no small task, nor should it be taken lightly. Corporate physical security is your enterprise’s first line of defense for all potential threats, even cyber ones. With today’s electronic security trends enabling a higher level of security for organizations, the good news is there are a variety of physical security solutions available to combat a range of threats.

access control system
February 18, 2022

5 Risks of Using a Legacy Access Control System | 3Sixty Integrated

Today’s access control systems (ACS) are used for much more than granting or denying access based on cardholder rights. The proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet Protocol (IP) based devices and their seamless connection to the internet has increased physical security capabilities and their role in large-scale security system deployments.  

video analytics
February 9, 2022

Top 5 Use Cases for Video Analytics | 3Sixty Integrated

Video analytics have come a long way since their inception. Modern advancements in AI, machine learning, and software have expanded use cases for video analytics to meet the needs of organizations across all industries. From business intelligence to risk mitigation and ROI generation, the uses for video analytics continue to grow. Here are our top five use cases for video analytics today.

QSR Security Strategy
February 4, 2022

How QSRs Should Pivot Their Security Strategy Within a Touchless World | 3Sixty Integrated

Amidst the pandemic, the QSR (quick-service restaurant) space underwent a shift in services. Rather than completely revamping their business models, QSRs began to reinvent their existing operations in order to offer safer, faster, and more efficient services. QSRs need to meet consumers — who crave convenience, consistency, and quality — where they are at.

January 19, 2022

Top Three Electronic Security Learnings From 2021 | 3Sixty Integrated

From supply chain issues to pivots in operational strategy, the electronic security industry saw a myriad of new trends in 2021. As many organizations remained focused on operational recovery, new challenges continued to impact the way decision makers purchased and planned their electronic security technology.

January 6, 2022

Electronic Security Trends for 2022 | 3Sixty Integrated

If 2021 was the year of COVID-driven security solutions, 2022 will be all about addressing the “new normal.” While we are not out of the woods yet, organizations that make use of technologies with multiple applications will be the ones to find electronic security success. 

January 3, 2022

News Release: The Cook & Boardman Group Acquires 3Sixty Integrated

We’re thrilled to announce that we have joined The Cook & Boardman Group, LLC, the nation’s leading distributor of commercial doors, frames & hardware, electronic access control equipment and specialty products. We look forward to working with them to expand our capabilities and continue driving extraordinary value for our clients.

emerging technologies
October 21, 2021

Emerging Technologies Every Bank Needs | 3Sixty Integrated

With the recent influx of smash-and-grab ATM thefts snowballing throughout the U.S., it has become clear that companies must be prepared to combat both present and future security threats. We are still decades away from the in-person banking experience becoming obsolete, so companies need to keep up with emerging technologies if they have any chance of keeping their assets safe and secure in the future.

August 20, 2021

New and Emerging Healthcare Industry Technology

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we do not know what the future holds. It is key that hospitals possess the necessary security technology to protect patients during the pandemic and beyond. Regardless of the situation, vulnerable individuals depend on healthcare providers to keep them safe and secure.