Top 5 Reasons an Engineer Should Be In Charge of Security System Design

A completely integrated security system requires experience, innovation and a cohesive design developed by seasoned engineers who are both system architects and product experts. When considering working with a security provider, choose a team with engineers who are focused on the performance of your security system as a whole, not on the sale of individual products.     

Why Engineers Create Better Security Solutions

At their core, engineers must have a deep understanding of how the software and hardware components of security systems come together to achieve your objectives. Highly vetted engineers possess the hands-on experience needed to build comprehensive security solutions and eliminate design complications that could lead to last minute, unbudgeted expenses. A dedicated engineering team on your project adds incremental value for five primary reasons:

Reason #1 – Enhanced credibility

An organization that has sales reps handle design runs the risk of leaving gaps in the process. They are often focused on selling individual components rather than whole, integrated security systems.

It’s an important signal of credibility when an engineer is involved in the initial design process. Engineers have extensive industry experience, having knowledge in every position from installation to ongoing maintenance. This means they can provide a completely comprehensive system.

Reason #2 – Fewer questions, more answers

Engineers can help clients understand their systems. Even companies that don’t have large security budgets or in-house security departments need a working understanding of their security components, processes and softwares. With an engineer, everyone is on the same page.

In addition, there is no gap between the vision you had for your security system and implementation.  The engineer takes ownership of the project, ensuring you are dealing with the same point of contact from start to finish.

Reason #3 – Better communication

When you receive a proposal from an engineer, it won’t be a simple price quote. Instead, it will include detailed specifications to include components, prices, installation timelines and a detailed scope of work. With an engineer, you’re less likely to deal with scope-creep as the project is properly defined from the beginning.

Reason #4 – Results over cost

When a sales rep does your design, you run the risk of bias. A sales person may be contractually obligated to recommend certain suppliers, so they will push products from that supplier’s line. This could happen even when a product from their competitor may have been better or more cost effective. Meanwhile, an engineer isn’t going to rely on personal sales quotas: they’ll ask the important questions that they know will impact your business.

Reason #5 – No unexpected surprises

The absence of a good scope of work results in complications like unexpected change orders, which can be frustrating and slow down the installation process. Engineers should be focused on the performance of your security system as a whole, not on the sale of individual products. This big-picture focus allows them to create a comprehensive, cost-effective security system design that’s deployed quickly and comprehensively, with minimal disruption to your business and no unexpected surprises later down the line.

At 3Sixty Integrated, our engineers who are qualified and certified in a wide range of components, allowing them to be flexible enough to design something for your businesses specific needs. Use our expertise to create a cost-effective, cohesive electronic security system design. For more information, call (210) 545-1770 or fill out our contact form.