An ID Card On Your Phone? Reducing Clutter & Increasing Security

Smartphones are changing identification management and access control systems for the better. Companies that implement ID cards on their employees phones enjoy not only increased convenience but also stronger and more efficient protection against unwanted entry, intrusion and theft.

Never Get Locked Out with Your ID Card on Your Phone.

An ID card on your phone goes everywhere you do. It’s easier to keep track of than a traditional key fob or badge and is less likely to get lost in your car, purse or briefcase. They also save businesses money, as an ID app does not need to be printed or reissued when lost. When people leave an organization there’s no need to worry about collecting their old badge. The user can simply be deleted from the app’s database, or their permissions can be revoked. This isn’t just helpful for users, but for your security staff as well, who can spend less time managing ID system users.

Convenience aside, a smartphone ID app makes security stronger. Mobile technology has multiple levels of security: the application’s and the phone’s. An unauthorized user can’t use an ID app if they can’t first log into the phone. Adding this extra layer of security is one more barrier an unauthorized user would need to cross in order to access your facility.

Getting an ID Card on Your Phone Isn’t Hard

The workforce is becoming more mobile. According to RFID Journal, access-control systems have been evolving beyond physical access cards in recent years. “’We have seen a shift toward new solutions to enable users to identify themselves,’ Nedap project manager Nora Roebers says. Although many companies are still using ID badges, the ease of a mobile phone-based credential is providing firms with a way to quickly provide or revoke access for employees, contractors or visitors.”

Rather than resist this change by viewing smartphones as a distraction, companies can save time and money by leveraging this popular technology to increase convenience and bolster security. By embracing this change and the opportunity it brings, you can make your access entry system stronger and more efficient.

Making the change to ID apps isn’t hard and will benefit your business in the long run. To learn more, call (210) 545-1770 or contact us. 3Sixty Integrated can review your access entry system and design an entirely new system using a smartphone app. We can also plan for your new system’s implementation, making the change seamless for your entire organization. And what if you just want to get started? We’re ready when you are.