Top 5 Enterprise Security System Best Practices

Implementing strategic best practices keep enterprise security systems running smoothly and reliably. Partnering with a qualified integrator will ensure you receive a comprehensive system design and management plan. Integrators will see holes in security that laymen might not, finding opportunities to simplify systems while educating clients on innovation.

Best Practice #1: Standardize Designs

Design standardization is underutilized in enterprise security. Many enterprises take a fragmented approach: their schematics and designs vary from location to location. Unnecessary variation creates waste. Key personnel may not know what equipment is in use, or which pieces require maintenance or replacement. Businesses should standardize everything, from security protocols and practices to design schematics. This saves time, money and resources.  

Best Practice #2: Establish Quarterly Assessments

Many enterprises fail to follow standard system maintenance schedules. Without regular maintenance, enterprises will only locate issues after a loss has already occurred. Quarterly assessments should be established to eliminate this. These system reviews can include backing up data, cleaning up programming, reviewing system tests and running security drills.

Best Practice #3: Continuously Innovate

In the security industry, technology is continually getting better, faster and more cost-effective. Enterprise security decision makers should seek out security integrators who are heavily focused on that innovation and keep up to date on new technological trends. The best integrators know which innovations will save money while improving efficiency.  

Best Practice #4: Focus on the Big Picture

Business leaders should focus on the big picture when it comes to enterprise security systems by strategizing proactively. They should look to the security issue they are trying to resolve, then  review how effective their current solution is. Often, it helps to discuss big-picture goals with a security integrator who understands how all current programs align with the big picture.

Best Practice #5: Choose Quality

This quality focus isn’t just about components, it’s about who is installing them. Proper installation by qualified integrators is crucial. These individuals will ensure each device works seamlessly within the security system. Without a quality installation, a system could cost double or even triple what it should have. When choosing an integrator, business leaders should specifically discuss what quality control processes are in place. They should seek out firms that put a heavy focus on educating and certifying technicians. The company goals should be about achieving excellence, not sales quotas.

At 3Sixty Integrated, we can support your enterprise security system best practices by offering a full review along with recommendations to improve your design. Our highly qualified and certified technicians take an innovative approach to creating comprehensive security solutions. For more information, call (210) 545-1770 or fill out our contact form.