AI Security Tools In the Public and Private Sectors

Artificial intelligence is the most significant innovation to hit the technology sector in recent years. Advances in AI security tools offer clear evidence of this. Big data capabilities and intelligence surveillance are among the most helpful resources for both public and private security. These programs don’t just record and organize data. They’re capable of understanding the context of a situation and responding to threats.

AI security innovations don’t do the detective work for an organization. Instead, they automate tedious but time-consuming tasks, like tagging video footage or monitoring for suspicious events. With better information, organizations can respond to threats proactively to protect people and assets.    

AI Security Tools In Private Enterprises

Enterprises may overlook the potential of AI security tools, believing they belong in the hands of government security agencies. However, cost-effective innovations offer a way for these enterprises to protect their bottom line and take advantage of user-friendly technology.

A Japanese tech company developed a uniquely “intelligent” security camera which provides an excellent example of how AI can enhance security for enterprises. The intelligent camera uses open source technology from Carnegie Mellon University to monitor for and alert retailers of shoplifters. Footage from the camera connects seamlessly to a specialized program designed to look for suspicious poses which indicate a theft is likely. The system compares thousands of poses to shopper movements in the store. When it recognizes a suspicious stance, it alerts the owner via smartphone. Early reports on the technology indicate it reduces shoplifting by up to 40%.

This example underlines how accessible AI security tools are today. Advances in the ability to store and analyze data make this possible. Big data creates the context needed for AI to make reasoned decisions. The more data the system has available, the more accurate its responses become. Due to the wide availability of this data, private business owners can utilize programs once only possible for large security agencies.   

Public Sector Innovations in AI Security

AI security is a subject which most interests those in law enforcement, national security, and other government agencies tasked with protecting the public. These tools help them investigate crimes faster and respond to threats proactively. They even work to streamline day-to-day issues like traffic jams and car accidents. Some examples of how AI can supplement your security system include:

  • Video tagging. Police officers investigating crimes often must go through hundreds of hours of surveillance footage to locate involved parties. AI eliminates this step by tagging footage based on parties, times and incidents. Investigators can quickly pull up the data they need without spending hours combing through footage.
  • Facial recognition. Advanced algorithms can identify and monitor a person based on facial structure or expression. This technology allows security agencies to find suspects based on surveillance footage in thousands of places. It also helps them monitor for concerning behaviors and alert personnel of risks.
  • Social media monitoring. It’s not uncommon for terrorists or other violent individuals to post their plans on social media before committing an attack. Agencies can monitor millions of social media posts across various channels to find texts or images which indicate an attack is imminent. These systems also understand context well enough to weed out false positives.  
  • Traffic control. Many cities enjoy the benefit of improved traffic through AI advances. Surveillance data, accident information, and light cycles are all analyzed to determine when accidents are likely to happen. Those cycles are then automatically optimized to improve traffic flow and reduce the risk of accidents.

AI security tools help public and private entities improve safety by leveraging data to make predictions. Automation takes the burden off security personnel and provides them with better information for responding to threats. These programs work for everything from reducing shoplifting to tracking down terrorist strongholds. AI security tools don’t just improve the efficacy of internal security systems; they’re working to make the entire world safer.

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