How SiteOwl Enterprise Security Monitoring Tool Increases Protection And Lowers Costs

Enterprise security monitoring tools should allow you to easily track security devices. The right tool should also provide proactive notifications to help you stay ahead of future potential risks, as well as offer a means of tracking costs associated with security infrastructure changes. Through enterprise security monitoring tools like 3Sixty’s SiteOwl software, companies can maintain their protection while saving money on security upgrades.

How Inventories and Maintenance Create Cost Savings in Enterprise Security

A full security infrastructure overhaul is one of the most disruptive endeavors a company can attempt. As most firms allocate less than 0.25% of their annual revenue to security updates, it’s also cost prohibitive. Although many don’t realize this, such expensive and unwieldy overhauls are often unnecessary. Usually the devices don’t need to be removed and replaced, the design of the system itself just needs refining.

Enterprise leaders are not always aware of all the resources they have or how optimization will improve their effectiveness. So before considering a system overhaul, complete a thorough security inventory. In doing so, you gain greater insight into your system’s design and discover ways to improve security without making extensive updates.

For example, adding cameras may not be necessary after simply expanding the angle on the old ones. In addition, by taking inventory it allows you to focus on device maintenance in order to extend their useful lives. It’s also critical for tracking device warranties, to ensure you don’t have to spend money on covered issues.

One major limitation to a standard inventory is it isn’t dynamic. It doesn’t automatically grow with the enterprise or offer critical, up-to-the-minute system information on a daily basis. This is where enterprise security monitoring tools like SiteOwl provide a solution.

Features to Look for in Enterprise Security Monitoring Tools

3Sixty developed SiteOwl for use with our in-house resource management, so we can speak to its efficacy in both the installation and maintenance of security networks. We also added features designed to streamline support and alerts while allowing a full, at-a-glance view of an entire system. SiteOwl offers the best assistance for cost-effective security infrastructure management and includes functions such as:

  • Comprehensive interface. A good enterprise security monitoring tool will allow you to quickly view all the devices in your network as well as their statuses. You should also be able to select individual devices to gather more information.
  • Digital floor plans.  With a digital floor plan, you’ll be able to locate any device in your network remotely in a matter of seconds. During the design stage, you will to interact with the floor plan to view how changes will impact your overall infrastructure.
  • Integrated service ticketing. The ability to send a service ticket directly from the security monitoring program is a significant time saver. And because you are sharing this interface with your technician, they will have all the info they need to resolve any problems in a timely manner.
  • Comprehensive reports. The data a security system provides is valuable but only if it can be adequately aggregated and given context. Report features should allow you to view details on device types, warranties, locations and risks. This can help to justify security spending to decision makers.
  • Automated reporting. While security personnel should proactively check systems, the software should send emails to alert them in case they miss something. Weekly or monthly email notifications should be available, as should warnings for issues like overdue tickets.

The sooner an organization begins using an enterprise security monitoring tool, the better. For this reason, SiteOwl integration is our first step in any project. We set it up so our clients can watch their system being built piece by piece, in real-time, from any location and on a user-friendly interface.

Enterprise security monitoring tools like SiteOwl don’t just ensure consistent protection. They also offer more significant cost savings by helping you prioritize security funding based on details from your existing infrastructure.

3Sixty Integrated can easily incorporate SiteOwl into even the most disparate systems, to provide a comprehensive view of enterprise-wide assets. Our implementation starts with a full system review that gives you the device inventory you need to understand your enterprise’s needs. For more information, call (210) 545-1770 or fill out our contact form.