Career Stories: My Experience as an Intern at 3Sixty Integrated

My Story

I’m a May 2019 graduate from Trinity University, where I majored in Marketing and Human Resource Management. Since I was young, I knew my passion was understanding people and their buying habits. I enjoyed the challenge of market research, and the creativity of branding and messaging. I chose Marketing because it mixed my interest in Psychology with Business, and Human Resource Management because it broadened my knowledge of the complexities within a workforce. With every skill I have learned, my excitement for these disciplines only increased, and made me eager to start using them in practice. For the preceding 12 months, I was a part-time intern at 3Sixty Integrated, and stepped into a full-time position upon graduation. Here is a little bit about the journey that led me there.

Students + Startups

The summer before my senior year at Trinity, I participated in an internship program called Students + Startups for the second year in a row. Launched in 2016 at Trinity, the Students + Startups program has developed into one of the most successful programs connecting undergrad students with local San Antonio startups. Funded by the 80/20 Foundation and a partnership between Geekdom and Trinity University, the goal of the program is to pair students with some of the fast-growing tech companies in the San Antonio area. This provides amazing job opportunities for students and provides startups with the fantastic workforce of entrepreneurial-minded young people as well.

My Introduction to 3Sixty Integrated

Through a series of networking events and interviews that were part of the Students + Startups program, I was able to connect with the Chairman and Founder of 3Sixty Integrated and Trinity Alumnus, Joseph Ndesandjo. Joseph was looking to build out a ground-breaking new software platform for the security industry called SiteOwl. With no knowledge of the industry and little experience in product development, Joseph’s excitement and passion were all that I needed to draw me to the challenge.

My Experience at 3Sixty Integrated

On my second day of working at 3Sixty, Joseph let me drive his Tesla on our way back from lunch. I knew how lucky I was to work with a boss who was so excited about technology that he wanted to immerse everyone around him in technology—like a car powered by AI—wherever possible. His passion, both for new technology as well as for being a leading force in the security industry, was evident in pretty much everything he did. It was both inspiring and motivational—and definitely made me feel excited for the journey ahead.

The level of confidence Joseph had in my capabilities positioned me to feel like I could successfully take on any new project assigned to me—it was very exciting.

Initially, I worked on a product the company offered called SiteOwl. SiteOwl was a complex and dynamic product, and the company hadn’t yet fully developed any marketing strategy, messaging, materials, etc. around the SiteOwl offering. I was tasked with the goal of translating hard-to-digest information into simple, yet effective marketing collateral. I wrote blogs, developed scripts, and edited informational videos for 10 weeks of high-impact branding.
Part-time Employee/Full-time Student

In August of 2018, I changed gears and joined the 3Sixty Integrated team as a part-time Marketing Coordinator during my senior year at Trinity.

Transitioning from working exclusively on SiteOwl to being involved in a myriad of marketing responsibilities for 3Sixty Integrated, I embarked on a startup-like adventure under the direction of Dora Ndesandjo, Marketing Director. This is where the challenge really began. Managing CRM databases, coordinating logistics, event planning, email marketing, photoshoots, social media, you name it, I became immersed in it. For the nine months during the school year, I wore any hat that I could find – and loved it!

As I wrapped up my senior capstone courses, I was extremely grateful for the opportunities I was afforded as an intern at 3Sixty Integrated. I had learned the true definition of ‘work-study’ and was more excited than ever to see what life post-graduation had waiting for me.

And Here I Am, a Full-time Employee and Loving Life

It’s probably a no-brainer that I was very much interested in staying with 3Sixty Integrated after graduation. I was so thrilled to be offered a full-time position as part of the 3Sixty Marketing team, and every day is a new adventure for me.

The security industry is booming, and I believe 3Sixty Integrated will be at its forefront. With every new lesson learned, I am building out my experience in a place where I can be hands-on and valued in every new project. There is nothing more rewarding than getting to feel a part of a company dedicated to inspiring greatness into the security industry and surrounding community.

What About You? Want to Intern at 3Sixty Integrated?

As you can no doubt see by my story, I’m a big fan of the value of internships as part of the college experience. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in a work experience, get some incredibly valuable hands-on experience, make new connections, and meet some amazing people and companies doing amazing things. That’s especially true here in the San Antonio market, which is teeming with tech startups and entrepreneurs and opportunities that might even be life-changing ones.

If you’re considering pursuing an internship, I can assure you that you won’t be sorry. It will be a great way of augmenting your studies, and perhaps, like me, set you on the path to what might well be your first step on your career path after graduation.

If you’re looking for a fast-growing, challenging company to complete your internship or even a full-time job, 3Sixty Integrated is definitely a place you should consider. Want to learn more? Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and message me directly for more information or to answer any questions you might have. If I can’t answer your questions, I can promise to connect you directly with someone who will.