Career Stories: Managing Projects from Home with a Baby on the Way

In the past few months, our Integrator’s “work-life” has never looked so different. Whether they’re working from home, in the field or in-and-out of the office, each of our team members have continued to demonstrate their talent and commitment daily.

Check out this interview from one of our sharpest leaders working from home, Cindy Ramirez. Cindy is a passionate project manager, wife and mom of a 1-year-old and most recently a newborn. She shares her story along with some strategies that have made her experience easier.

Tell me about your experience balancing mom-life and work-life.

“At the beginning, it was a challenge to adjust to being pregnant, taking care of a 15 month-year-old and not falling behind during our busy season. Meetings and client phone calls were a huge challenge with my kid screaming in the background. But, eventually I found balance when I moved half my workday to the evenings and now I feel I’m even more productive than being in the office.”

Cindy Ramirez

What have been the biggest challenges working from home?

“Definitely trying to multitask constantly and missing team collaboration. Being in the office made working together a lot easier and now it’s more of a challenge to get in contact with everyone and coordinate schedules.”

Cindy Ramirez

Have you found any strategies that make working from home easier?

“Yes! Sticking to a prioritized task list and keeping a daily track of percentage completed on my projects has helped. Also, just being able to answer emails on my phone or texts from our field team without being in front of the computer makes the balance easier. I feel like the best thing we can do is just continue to check in on each other during this time and give support where it’s needed.”

Cindy Ramirez

How has working at 3Sixty Integrated changed?

“From the beginning of this pandemic, the leadership at 3Sixty Integrated really stepped up. They supported all of our team members in different ways, and I think everyone can attest to this. For me in my situation, with being pregnant and having an infant at home, I was able to bring home all my office equipment early on to make working from home more effective. Also, my associates are lenient with meeting hours that work around my schedule. It’s really awesome being a part of a team like this.”

Cindy Ramirez