Career Stories: My Summer as a Marketing Intern at 3Sixty Integrated

My Story

My name is Ellie Dootson, and I am a Scotland-born, Houston-raised incoming senior at Trinity University. Pursuing a liberal arts education has not only given me the opportunity to take a diverse number of classes, but it has also shown me how various subjects can intertwine. I never knew that my love for writing, communicating with others, and understanding why individuals make certain decisions could manifest into a major, let alone such fulfilling internship opportunities. 

Almost four years later, I am majoring in Marketing and minoring in Communication Management. I still share all the same passions I did before declaring my major, but I have been able to further explore these interests both inside and outside of the classroom. Studying marketing has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding as to why consumers make certain decisions. My minor, which is heavily PR focused, has taught me that I am interested in unearthing media exposure opportunities that not only highlight a company’s strengths, but also showcase the leading products and services that they represent. 

Students + Startups

My journey with 3Sixty Integrated began through Students + Startups, which is a program that pairs college students with local small businesses and startups in the San Antonio area. I was fortunate enough to have an interview with 3Sixty Integrated in which I found myself immediately impressed with what the company had to offer. 

This was when I first met Dora Ndesandjo, Marketing Director, and Brenda Ramos, Marketing Coordinator II. Dora and Brenda made my “interview” feel more like a conversation with old friends. Rather than psychoanalyzing my resume, Dora and Brenda were more interested in learning about my personality, which really resonated with me. I was even able to leave the office with a new book, which I was able to choose from 3Sixty’s infamous “Learn and Grow Wall,” which hosts a collection of transformative novels. Although I had only been in the office for an hour, I could tell that these women were committed to watching me succeed. I knew that it would be a privilege to work alongside them, and this has certainly been the case. 

My Internship Experience at 3Sixty Integrated

When I accepted my internship offer, I knew that my time with 3Sixty would be invaluable. I was particularly excited to be mentored by Brenda, who not only majored in Marketing, but is also a Trinity alumna. I knew that Brenda and I had both taken similar classes, shared the same professors, and experienced the highs and lows of being Trinity students, and I couldn’t wait to experience her mastery firsthand. 

Overall, my internship has been a mix of remote and in-person experiences, which has given me the flexibility to work from home and enjoy being in the office. I have been lucky enough to share an office space with Brenda, along with Denise Juarez, Sales Operations Manager. Despite each of our busy schedules, we have shared many laughs and triumphs together.

My time with 3Sixty Integrated has allowed me to undergo both personal and professional growth. Within my first few days with the company, I was already assisting on an account-based marketing campaign directed towards K-12 professionals. With students returning to the classroom, I loved being able to inform districts as to how they could make their schools safe and secure in a post-pandemic world. I was able to contribute to weekly email-marketing campaigns, manage scorecards with key metrics, and track client and prospect activity with our sales team. 

I also assisted heavily with content development for industry blogs, social media and website copy. While I possessed prior experience writing pitches, bylines, and blogs, I knew little about the security industry and was eager to learn more. This gave me the opportunity to research industry trends, conduct security-expert interviews, and establish a consistent cadence for our content. Being able to hone in on these skills has strengthened my ability to craft content on numerous topics across multiple industries – and I’m just getting started!

An entirely new experience during my internship was my involvement in event planning for both clients and our internal team. I assisted with the planning and execution of 3Sixty’s immersive Strategic Security Workshops which target their key client stakeholders. These quarterly workshops continuously inform clients as to how 3Sixty Integrated can continue to deliver consistent and predictable results to their respective organizations. Being able to experience the behind-the-scenes aspects of these events has helped me gain a better understanding of who 3Sixty Integrated is, what they value, and what they offer to clients. 

For our internal team’s events, I was thrilled to be included in 3Sixty’s Culture Committee, which involves multiple team members across numerous departments. This group is committed to executing company events that will highlight our company culture and enhance team member appreciation. Being able to help increase 3Sixty’s team morale has been incredibly enriching as the culture was already so impressive to begin with. 

What’s Next?

I am proud to announce that I will be working part-time for 3Sixty Integrated during the fall semester while also completing my senior year at Trinity University. I will spend my final year on campus serving as president for Trinity’s American Marketing Association chapter, captain of New Student Orientation team, International Student Liaison for the Academic Honor Council, and as an University Tour Guide. It will certainly be a busy year, but I am delighted to continue contributing to the 3Sixty Integrated marketing team while also completing my studies at Trinity.

However, I know my continued journey with 3Sixty would not be possible without my teammates, Brenda and Dora. Dora is a natural, yet incredibly impactful leader who handles challenges with an enviable amount of ease. Brenda lights up every room she is in, and her expertise rivals that of seasoned professionals. I truly cannot imagine a better team to work, learn, and grow with. I never imagined that my favorite aspect of my internship would be the people I would work with, yet here I am. 

If you are interested in obtaining a unique internship experience, I highly recommend applying to the Students + Startups program. I have this program to thank for my unforgettable experience, and I am looking forward to whatever it is that the future holds for me. Please feel free to connect with me or email me at if you have any questions about being part of the Students + Startups cohort or about my experiences as a Marketing Intern.