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Higher education institutions face unique security challenges requiring innovative solutions to keep students, faculty, and staff safe. Physical security is a critical component of any campus safety plan, and weapon screening solutions are at the forefront of ensuring the safety of everyone.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, campuses require advanced security solutions to prevent unwanted threats from entering the campus perimeter. Legacy technology, such as bulky metal detectors and manual screening is no longer efficient nor sustainable.

Today’s campus screening solutions must be flexible enough to adapt to the changing landscape of higher education and must be practical to implement, operate, and maintain.

For campus security departments looking to strengthen or optimize their security measures, modern weapon detection systems offer an efficient and non-intrusive way to screen people and their belongings. CEIA OPENGATE® provides colleges and universities with a reliable, easy-to-use solution that delivers the security they need without the negative aspects of legacy metal detectors. 

Campus Screening Challenge

Colleges and universities plan and implement appropriate safety and security protocols for events taking place on campus. In coordination with campus departments, the Office of Campus Safety designs and implements the screening process for various events. The level of security necessary for a specific event is determined by several factors, including: 

  • Location of the event
  • Nature of the event 
  • Number of attendees expected
  • Availability of resources for implementing the screening process

Traditionally, metal detectors and wanding are used for screening individuals and bags/backpacks at most major events on campus. In some cases, the screening process also includes the inspection of vehicles entering campus, with the presence of a campus police officer. 

The challenge for Campus Safety is to balance the need for an efficient screening process, which allows all attendees to pass through quickly and efficiently while maintaining a high level of safety and security.


CEIA’s OPENGATE® is a groundbreaking weapons detection system that automatically screens people to detect mass casualty metal threats such as weapons, knives, and other objects. When a weapon or mass casualty threat is detected, acoustic and optical signals at the top of each column will activate to provide simultaneous status and alarm indications.

Additionally, contrary to metal detector gates, the state-of-the-art system does not require any mechanical or electrical connection between the two pillars that define the passageway. And unlike legacy walk-through metal detectors, OPENGATE® is wire-free, so portability is not dependent on an outlet nearby or the number of extension cords you have on hand.

Streamline campus screening operations

Campus safety teams want effective ways to screen visitors without delays that impact the flow of student traffic and campus safety. In contrast to metal detectors, OPENGATE provides the same level of security but more seamlessly and efficiently.

With OPENGATE, campus safety teams can streamline their screening process and improve the overall security of the campus. Additionally, OPENGATE’s extreme portability allows for the system to be used anywhere on campus and provides: 

  • Faster and more accurate screening of people on the move and in crowded areas without compromising the security and privacy of the individual.
  • A near-zero low nuisance alarm rate on personal, non-threat items compared with other screening devices on the market.
  • Adjustable detection and signaling parameters to meet specific security needs that can be easily adjusted via the OPENGATE APP.

Weapons Detection System designed for today’s campus environment

Campus security is a critical service colleges and universities provide to protect the safety and security of students, faculty, and staff. However, today’s college campus is complex, and campus security teams need the best tools to stay on top of an ever-changing landscape.

When it comes to physical security, campus security teams require accuracy, speed, and mobility in order to ensure that security measures remain effective, and CEIA OPENGATE® delivers all of that and more.

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How OPENGATE® can be blended into a campus 

Most colleges use metal detectors for sporting events and other large gatherings. OPENGATE®‘s innovative design, composed of two freestanding pillars, allows it to be easily integrated into any campus environment. 

OPENGATE®, with its minimalist design and high-tech features, provides a safe, convenient, and aesthetically pleasing way to screen at all campus events and in different environments such as: 

  • Entrance or Welcome Centers – OPENGATE®‘s aesthetic design makes it a desirable addition to any campus environment and offers campus security teams a highly effective solution to their screening needs, regardless of location.
  • Sporting Events – OPENGATE®‘s unique design and thoughtful engineering provide enhanced security at sporting events without sacrificing an event experience for attendees, students, and campus staff.
  • In Response to a Threat of Violence on Campus – The best campus security teams have threat preparedness programs focusing on prevention, detection, and response. OPENGATE®, is highly versatile and can be easily deployed in the event that officials need to strengthen campus security in a specific location.

Choosing the Right Solution

Campus security is an essential feature of all higher education campuses. CEIA OPENGATE® provides a new approach to screening using the latest technologies in response to the need for effective and nonintrusive screening systems.

CEIA OPENGATE® enables campus security teams to enhance existing screening procedures by combining advanced sensors and AI with real-time detection in a robust and scalable manner. In addition, this new approach to screening empowers campus security teams with an enhanced capability to manage crowd flow and detection.

3Sixty Integrated is excited to offer this cutting-edge weapons detection system to our clients, along with all our other strategic solutions, from access control to video surveillance. Create a robust security solution well after your OPENGATE® units are deployed by partnering with 3Sixty Integrated and CEIA USA. Our team of engineers will assess existing safety solutions, provide recommendations based on industry best practices and develop an innovative system to keep your students and campus safe. Contact us today to see how 3Sixty Integrated can help your college or university.