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At the end of March, ISC West 2023 took center stage at the Venetian Expo in Las Vegas, NV, attracting security professionals from around the globe. The event served as a prime opportunity for industry experts to broaden their networks and delve into innovative products, technologies, and solutions shaping the future of security. 

“Offering the chance to meet with over 550 exhibitors and brands, learn from over 65 SIA Education@ISC sessions, and network at over two dozen special events, ISC West proved to be a successful event where the industry heavily supported the need to be back in person at industry trade events.”

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Throughout the duration of the conference, participants engaged in interactive exhibits and informative sessions, fostering an environment of collaboration and growth. Members of our 3Sixty Integrated team joined colleagues from The Cook & Boardman Group’s corporate management team and sister divisions A3 Communications, Advantech, Blueviolet Networks, Bass Security and Electronic Systems Group to connect, learn about new technologies, and share best practices.

Recently we had a chance to catch up with Abraham Canales (Director of Operations) and Eduardo Gutierrez (Design Engineer) at 3Sixty Integrated to discuss the event, listen to their insights, and see what they were most excited about.

Q: What was your overall impression of ISC West?

Abraham: It was very impressive. During the height of COVID, the show had decreased in size, but I definitely saw lots of people this year. It was fun to see people that I haven’t seen since before the pandemic. My focus while attending was to see what was out there and review the products on display, so I spent the majority of my time walking the floor and looking up new technology, learning, and taking it all in. 

“With nearly 20,000 total security and public safety industry professionals in attendance, just under 12,000 dealers, installers, integrators, end users, and consultant attendees reconnected at ISC West, many for the first time still since pre-pandemic times.”

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Eduardo: Overall, it was an excellent experience as I was able to speak directly to the manufacturers’ representatives for many of the products that we currently use and ask questions that allowed me to learn more in depth. It was fascinating to see firsthand the newest models of technology and tools available for the integrator and end user.

Exhibition Floor: Edge Analytics as a Major Theme

Developing and deploying intelligent video applications at the edge requires strategic partnerships and critical expertise, which 3Sixty Integrated brings to the table. At ISC West 2023, Abraham Canales noted that several AI edge analytics solutions were prominently showcased. 

Abraham shared his insights on edge analytics and the role it plays in ensuring that video data is used effectively.

Abraham: Most cameras now have the ability to do edge analytics, which is pretty impressive. But how well it’s being used is to be determined. The challenge in our industry is that we have to connect solutions to actual workflows. For example, cameras that can alert when somebody enters a restricted area or detect a specific object are great, but without other proactive security measures, the solution is not as effective.

Edge analytics is a good technology. We have customers using it very well mainly because they’re being proactive. But companies need to have the human resources to support it. For example, if you search through footage to look for a person wearing a red shirt, edge analytics can help you find that, but you need to have the resources to take that further.

If you’re going to get state-of-the-art technology to just find a red shirt without the operational resources to do the follow up, you’re probably not going to get a lot out of it. So it’s important to be mindful of making the right decisions while using the technology to ensure you are getting it’s full benefits.

Emerging Technologies at ISC West 2023

At ISC West 2023, various emerging technologies were showcased, reflecting the constant evolution of the security industry. Attendees had the opportunity to explore advancements in artificial intelligence, biometrics, and smart buildings, among others. 

These cutting-edge solutions have the potential to not only enhance security measures but also streamline operations and improve overall efficiency. As the industry moves forward, embracing these innovations will be crucial for organizations to stay ahead of potential threats and maintain a secure environment.

Q: Were there any products or services that you found particularly interesting?

Our team was particularly impressed by the discussions and applications of drones and how they are being used in diverse industries to enhance security.

Eduardo: I was intrigued to see robotic dogs equipped with cameras and delivery drone services. Many of the booths had these security devices on display, but I would have loved to see more vendors with demo setups that could be tested. Nevertheless, it was exciting to see these innovations being showcased. 

Abraham: My team and I are definitely going to spend more time talking about drones. Drones are definitely a growing sector of our industry in many ways. I was not even aware of the various uses for them, but it showed me how creative humans truly are. For example, operators working on oil rigs are using drones to facilitate communication and transport tools in the field.  

Q: Oil rigs are one thing, but how do you see drones being used in other settings?

Abraham: I think that’s a little bit further out because there’s still a lot of confusion in terms or regulation, but it’s a good time to start learning about them and discussing their applications. Also on the counter measure side, there are a lot of companies out there using antennas or other measures for drones and attacks. 

So both aspects of the drone situation are interesting and I want to be able to talk to our customers about this emerging technology and tell them what’s out there, how they work, what’s effective, regulations, counter measures, etc.

Security-led Innovation Requires a Strong Partner

ISC West 2023 was undeniably a success, boasting a strong number of attendees and exhibitors. The conference provided us with a fantastic opportunity to witness the latest innovations and contemplate how they can benefit our customers. 

Eduardo: I think by seeing what is currently being used out there we can get a better understanding of how we can design projects using these technologies. It also gives us a better understanding of the supply chain issues that we are facing today and how we can find alternative solutions.

One thing is clear: security-led innovation necessitates a strong partner. At 3Sixty Integrated, we are committed to delivering optimal solutions, staying ahead of emerging trends, and ensuring our clients stay secure in an ever-changing landscape.

As a division of The Cook and Boardman Group, 3Sixty Integrated and our sister branches have over 65 years of experience offering complete security solutions, from custom doors, frames and hardware to security integration technology. Contact us today to see how 3Sixty Integrated can help secure your organization.