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When compiling a list of the greatest sports franchises of our time, the San Antonio Spurs of the NBA have a special place on that list.

Founded in 1967, the Spurs are one of the most storied franchises in the league. With a rich history of championships, the Spurs have won five NBA titles and have built a culture of success that has become a staple of the NBA.

Despite these accolades, the Spurs organization continues to thrive and grow, and their latest project, The Rock at La Cantera, will surely be another landmark in the Spur’s legacy.

The Rock at La Cantera, San Antonio Spurs Basketball’s Global Hub for sports and entertainment excellence

The Rock at La Cantera is the latest addition to the San Antonio Spurs organization and is home to the team’s basketball operations and training facilities. The multi-purpose facility is a global center of discovery for Spurs basketball and the team’s partners.

The 22-acre park includes a human performance center, a training center, a research center, and a basketball operations facility with all the latest technology and resources to help the team develop their next generation of players.

“As a global center of discovery focused on the advancement of human performance, The Rock at La Cantera will have a transformative impact on the communities we serve,” said RC Buford, CEO for SS&E.

“Our ambitious concept creates an environment that fosters new conversations and capitalizes on resources in our region to drive human performance. It will present global thought leaders with the opportunity to calibrate their craft in a way that can help scale the learnings they’re delivering on to the community at large.”

Still, as the Spurs continue to grow, security remains a top priority for the organization, and that’s why they’ve continued to turn to 3Sixty Integrated Security, a leader in physical security integration, to help them secure and optimize their state-of-the-art facility.

A Strategic Partnership with 3Sixty Integrated

Since 2021, 3Sixty Integrated has proudly served as the exclusive security integrator for the renowned San Antonio Spurs, cementing a strategic alliance that has revolutionized their security capabilities.

In addition to The Rock at La Cantera project, 3Sixty Integrated has bolstered the Spurs’ existing security systems by conceptualizing and deploying cutting-edge technology for emerging facilities. This collaborative endeavor actively propels the achievement of the Spurs’ present and future security goals.

The array of projects undertaken spans from elevating video surveillance and access control at the AT&T Center and Toyota Field to devising and seamlessly implementing advanced security solutions for The Rock at La Cantera.

In this united effort, the Spurs are empowered with unparalleled security prowess, assuring their legacy as champions extends well beyond the court.

Overcoming Challenges in Venue Security

Security in sports and entertainment venues face unique challenges, including crowd control and managing passionate fans. A recent study by the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) found that safety and security are among the top concerns of attendees at major sporting events.

The study, which polled over 600 participants across a range of demographics, found that 73.2% of fans consider safety and security when choosing a venue to attend, and 77% prefer that these security measures be visible throughout the venue.

In addition, an overwhelming majority of those surveyed supported many of the physical security measures already in place at most major sporting events, such as:

  • (83.9%); Walk-through screening technologies
  • (85.1%);  Security wand metal detection
  • (89.1%)   Surveillance cameras

By customizing solutions to suit each building’s distinctive needs, 3Sixty Integrated efficiently helped the Spurs to maximize their venue security while making the experience as seamless as possible for fans.

Unleashing Our Cross-SERVE Capabilities

Sports venue security is one thing, but serving as the main physical security integrator for a large-scale, multi-venue project like The Rock at La Cantera, requires a partner with the expertise to provide a multi-faceted approach that blends seamlessly with the integrated, technology-rich environment.

As a part of The Cook & Boardman family of companies, 3Sixty Integrated is able to leverage the capabilities of our versatile organization and deliver a level of service and expertise that’s unmatched in the industry.

The ability to deliver cross-serving capabilities that include early-stage pre-design, deployment, and coordination of complex security systems made 3Sixty Integrated a natural fit to support The Rock.

Cross-SERVE is a key differentiator that 3Sixty Integrated can bring to any project. While it is still a relatively new concept in the industry, it makes a world of difference in delivering the type of full-service solution that a unique project like The Rock requires.

Mark Duato, Senior Vice President of Strategic Integration Solutions at The Cook & Boardman Group, summarizes the value of the cross-serve model:

“Many end-users find themselves overwhelmed with the lack of coordination occurring between Division 8 opening solutions and Division 28 security solutions. Thus, Cook & Boardman launched its Cross-SERVE initiative with the goal of seamlessly incorporating the complexities of each practice into a single, simplified solution for its customers.”

Defense wins championships! 

3Sixty’s team worked closely with project stakeholders to ensure that security systems were integrated seamlessly with the overall venue design and operations, resulting in a truly multi-service offering that maximizes security and minimizes unexpected costs, delays, and frustrations.

The great Spurs Coach, Gregg Popovich, once said: ‘The secret of success is to be prepared for the unexpected’. With our portfolio of capabilities through The Cook & Boardman Group, 3Sixty Integrated is prepared to support clients through the unexpected. 

The success story of 3Sixty Integrated and the SPURS organization exemplifies the power of a true partnership and will serve as an example of how to integrate security into a venue project successfully.  

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