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GSX 2023 Collage of attendees

The Global Security Exchange (GSX) has long been a beacon for security professionals, offering a platform to explore cutting-edge technologies, share insights, and connect with industry leaders. 

GSX 2023 is now in the books, and before all the dust settles, we wanted to share our takeaways from the conference. We had the pleasure of interviewing David Cruz, Strategic Account Executive at 3Sixty Integrated, to get a deep dive into his thoughts on GSX 2023 and learn about the golden nuggets he picked up at the conference.

Saddle up and join us as we discuss the highlights of GSX 2023!

How would you describe the overall energy and atmosphere at GSX?

David: Great, great energy. It felt like a conference from 2019, so it was really fun. I think the highlight of the event for me was Texas night on Sunday. There was live music, good food, and fun things like cowboy hat makers and cigar rollers. It was a really good time.

As you know, GSX 2023 took place at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Downtown Dallas, so we’re talking about a huge conference space with thousands upon thousands of square feet of exhibitors. It felt similar in size to ISC West in Las Vegas, which is one of the biggest security conference in the world.

It was a great opportunity to check out all the manufacturers showcasing new technology and learn about the latest and greatest of everything.

How did you manage your time between the conference and client-related activities?

David: Our schedule was pretty strategic. We took the opportunity to coordinate our GSX attendance with client site visits in the area. Additionally, we had meetings lined up with vendors and made sure to introduce key clients to them during our booth visits. And, of course, we shared some great meals with our clients and partners along the way

Which exhibit, booth, or presentation caught your eye the most? 

David: At these large shows, manufacturers often unveil new technology, products, components, and capabilities when everyone’s gathered under one roof. One booth that caught our attention was Active Intelligence, where we had a fascinating demo. 

What sets this technology apart is its innovative approach to artificial intelligence analytics. Unlike traditional AI analytics that focuses on specific events like a car going the wrong way or someone leaving a briefcase unattended, Active Intelligence continuously analyzes video in real-time, studying the entire scene. For instance, imagine a camera monitoring a stadium parking lot; it learns that people typically park, exit their cars, and head into the stadium.

When it detects something different from the norm, like a new anomaly, it flags it as an alert. This approach makes the technology truly smart because it comprehends the typical scenario and constantly identifies anomalies, analyzing video frames to distinguish unusual events. It’s a fresh take on video analysis that sets it apart from other video management software and analytics tools.

So that was the one that stood out in my mind.

How will 3Sixty Integrated share the tech insights gained at GSX 2023?

David: So, at 3Sixty Integrated, we have a thorough process for introducing new technology to our clients. Before deploying any product in a client’s environment, we conduct in-house testing. Our dedicated technology team evaluates everything, from cameras to VMS to shooter detection systems. We want to ensure that the technology lives up to its promises and performs as advertised.

Once a product passes our internal “sniff test,” we feel confident introducing it to our clients. When we’re about to demo a new product, we first run it in our own office with our cameras and environment. This trial period typically lasts about a month, during which we verify that the product performs as expected. If it meets our standards during this period, we then proceed to introduce it to our clients and set up demonstrations so they can experience it firsthand.

How do you typically demo new technology to your clients? 

David: We have a few different ways of showcasing new technology to our clients. Sometimes, we invite them to our office for an in-house demo. Alternatively, manufacturers can provide remote virtual demos at the client’s location, such as a university or school. In some cases, the manufacturer joins us on-site at a school to demonstrate the technology to the IT or PD team.

What trends and security solutions stood out to you?

One major trend we’ve been noticing, especially in recent times, is the adoption of weapon detection technology. Organizations, especially in education, have become increasingly concerned about security, particularly in response to incidents like Uvalde. They’re actively seeking products that can help them address potential active shooter situations.

One fascinating trend involves weapon detection screening devices. These devices can identify weapons as they enter school premises. They resemble the security detectors you might find at a sports event or airport, but they’re designed to be less intimidating, with a friendlier appearance. They use advanced technology to distinguish between everyday items like phones and potentially dangerous objects like handguns. This not only enhances security but also speeds up entry into various venues, from high school football games to regular school days.

Another noteworthy trend is the expanded use of analytics with cameras. Cameras are no longer just tools for situational awareness; they’re now highly proactive. They’re equipped to identify unusual activities, count people in buildings, and track unauthorized access. This includes specific analytics like license plate recognition and facial analytics. What’s exciting is that this technology has evolved to become highly practical and reliable, far from being a mere futuristic concept. It’s safe to say we’ve entered the future of security!

Did any futuristic solutions catch your attention?

David: We came across some truly fascinating robotics at the event, particularly robot dogs, straight out of a futuristic sci-fi movie. These robots are roughly the size and shape of actual dogs, complete with cameras and two-way audio in their heads. They’re designed to navigate various surfaces, from dirt and grass to hardwood, concrete, and even asphalt. 

What’s truly remarkable is that they can right themselves if they’re knocked over. It was my first time witnessing these AI-powered mechanical animals in person, and they hold great potential, even though they’re not yet utilized by organizations.

Do you think these robotic advancements are on the horizon, or are they still in the realm of science fiction?

David: That’s a great question. I think that although the technology exists today, we still have a while until its advanced and intuitive enough to replace a human.

We’ll likely see these robotic solutions become more common in the next 5-10 years, but for now, they’re showing us the possibilities, much like how drones were showcased at ISC conventions about 7-8 years ago. At the time, we wondered how they’d be used, and now we see drones being deployed by organizations daily. They monitor parking lots and campuses and even counter other drones used for illegal activities like smuggling contraband into prisons. It’s remarkable how technology evolves!

Any suggestions for GSX 2024?

David: I’m always the type that likes to see real-world applications in action. It would be great if manufacturers could showcase their products in actual environments, demonstrating their performance in places like stadiums or schools. This could be done without revealing specific end-users. Case studies and connecting potential clients with those already using the technology effectively would be incredibly valuable.

I believe real life examples and user experiences carry more weight than product demos in controlled settings. It’s one thing for a salesperson to promote a product, but hearing from end-users who rely on it daily is a different level of credibility and insight, benefiting everyone involved.

Final thoughts

GSX 2023 proved to be an energizing and informative event, reminiscent of pre-pandemic conferences. It provided a rich platform for exploring the ever-evolving landscape of electronic security, leaving us eager to delve even deeper into the world of cutting-edge technology innovations. As we reflect on the insights shared by experts like David Cruz, we are excited to embrace the future of security and witness the continued advancements that lie ahead.

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