Celebrating Technician Appreciation Week: A Glimpse Into the World of our Techs | 3Sixty Integrated

From September 24th to 30th, 2023, we celebrate Technician Appreciation Week showing our gratitude to the hardworking service and installation technicians who are the driving force that sustain our company. In the spirit of recognition, we interviewed our Field Operations Manager, Joe Rios, to get a glimpse into the world of our awesome 3Sixty Integrated technicians.

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What is a typical day in the life of a technician at 3Sixty Integrated?

Joe: Our techs usually start their day by reviewing schedules, collecting equipment, and meeting with their site supervisor for project details. Onsite, they kick off project evaluations to identify initial tasks, often involving infrastructure work such as pathway planning and security discussions before transitioning to installations.

So, it’s a thorough process where they prep the groundwork before diving into the project, making sure they have all the details and tools they need. Before they even set foot on the jobsite, their day has already begun with meticulous preparation, setting the stage for a day filled with hard work and dedication.

What are some common challenges technicians face in the field?

Joe: Working on new construction includes a lot of collaboration outside of our team. Often times we share the same project details and images but we don’t always agree. In those situations, we contact the general contractor directly.

That approach works 80-90% of the time and keeps us on track with the project. But when time is tight, we must make quick decisions with the information we have. Our team is constantly problem-solving, even though this can sometimes lead to issues like change orders and extra costs. It’s a delicate balance between informed decisions and dealing with the consequences—a common challenge in construction and project management.

Can you describe any specialized skills or tools needed to excel as a tech?

Joe: Our technicians are trained to communicate and collaborate via the security management platform, SiteOwl. This comprehensive tool gives our team full access to project designs and allows for real-time field updates to be sent back to project managers and site supervisors. In addition, our technicians have a streamlined communication hierarchy for who to contact regarding critical updates or urgent matters.

To excel in this role each technician must remember to keep details documented and stay informed. The combination of technical proficiency and interpersonal communication skills our technicians posses makes them exceptionally effective in navigating the complex demands of their day-to-day tasks.

What is your core workplace culture principle, and how do you ensure it’s applied to all team members?

Joe: Our culture is all about respect and empowerment. We don’t belittle anyone; instead, we aim to uplift our technicians. This extends to all our team members. We truly value and recognize the effort our technicians put in. In return, we go the extra mile to support them in various ways.

What are three traits that you believe define an outstanding technician?

Joe: First, there’s initiative – the drive to take charge. Someone who doesn’t wait for instructions but seizes opportunities as they arise. Then, attitude – the determination to give your best every day. Lastly, problem-solving – finding a way to overcome obstacles.

Outstanding technicians are problem solvers who, when confronted with a hurdle, make the call, seek help if necessary, and find a way to get the job done

3Sixty Integrated has an outstanding reputation for service and support. How do you think this reputation was achieved?

Joe: We’ve reached this point thanks to our technicians embracing our culture. We’re committed to supporting our technicians, we also appreciate their willingness to take the initiative to solve problems and find solutions. It’s a win-win situation for us when our technicians take the lead and show genuine ownership of their work. 

What do you think about National Technician Appreciation Week? 

Joe: Recognizing and honoring our hardworking technicians is an incredibly worthwhile practice for all organizations to do. At 3Sixty Integrated, we know that each technician forms the backbone of this company and without lifting them up we all fail. I personally believe that recognizing their efforts, year-round and highlighting them during National Technician Appreciation week, ensures we maintain a strong team culture and organizational success.

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