Enterprise Security Design

Design that works right the first time

  • Know what you want to accomplish with your security, but not how to get there?
  • Need a security system that accommodates your procedures and processes, not the other way around?
  • Want your security system(s) to be easy to manage, with full control of everything from a single interface that’s easy to understand and use?

When it comes to security, unprofessional design is all-but-guaranteed to end in disaster.

Whether it’s:

  • Missing video footage or a report that’s missing critical information
  • Intrusion detection or a communications system that fails to alert the right people
  • Access control that lets the wrong people in
  • Staff who can barely keep up with a poorly-designed system that’s difficult and time-consuming to use
  • Or unexpected blind spots in your security coverage…

You can’t afford second-rate design when it comes to security.

3Sixty’s design service ensures that your security system gives you complete control and convenience, without compromise.

The Custom Design Secret

There’s a dirty secret in the security industry, and you might’ve already encountered it:

When it comes to design, most security firms have their salespeople designing their systems.

That doesn’t make sense-it is like asking a web developer to network your computers. A web developer might know quite a bit about computers, but networking’s not what they do on a regular basis.

When you want a job done right, you need the right specialist

Look, we love our sales team. They’re some of the nicest and most knowledge people you’ll ever meet. But sales people are experts in helping you find the right solutions, and putting you in touch with the right experts depending on what you need … not designing security systems.

Custom design by professional security engineers

With 3Sixty’s design service, you’ll get a dedicated, certified enterprise security engineer who works directly with you to figure out the best way to accomplish your security objectives, whether it’s a new turnkey system or an overhaul of something that’s not working as well as it should.

You’ll end up with a 100% customized design proposal based on what you have and what you need to secure, with professional, detailed schematics that you can show your boss and colleagues as part of the decision-making process.

Have it all, without buying it all

You might not need as much equipment as other security companies might say you do.

Already have a security system, and just want to:

  • Simplify?
  • Integrate systems?
  • Add a new feature?

Often, you can combine systems via software instead of ripping everything out and replacing it … Sometimes you just need an upgrade to part of your system to make it work more reliably and conveniently, with the features you need.

We’ll let you know if you really need to buy that new equipment or not.

A price you won’t believe

Did we mention that 3Sixty’s design service is 100% free? If you’re looking for a new security system or an overhaul of an existing system, you pay nothing for 3Sixty’s professional design service.

For most in-depth, professionally engineered designs, you’d need to hire a special security consultant with a high hourly fee. And 3Sixty’s enterprise security designs usually require significant work and expertise.

But you won’t pay anything for 3Sixty’s design service, so there’s no risk to you

Whether you’re just getting started with access control, critical communications, intrusion protection, or video surveillance, or you’re looking to integrate or improve the systems you already have, 3Sixty’s security design engineers will show you how you can get the control and security you need, in an easy-to-manage package. And you won’t pay a dime for 3Sixty design.

Schedule your free consultation with 3Sixty Integrated today, and finally get the security and peace of mind you deserve.