Security Access Control Solutions

When your company is looking at security access control solutions, you don’t want to work with a firm that just sells products. You want to work with a security integration company that offers the latest technology and innovative solutions. Access control is more than the sum of its parts. It’s about building an electronic security system that manages your entire building’s entry and exit processes, from visitor management to perimeter protection.

Modern Security Access Control: More Than Opening Doors

Today’s electronic security needs to be more than just high-tech door locks. Modern enterprises need options that create a comprehensive security program with options for every point of entry.

Some modern programs provide:

Traffic flow control:

Complying with access control shouldn’t put you in a time crunch. With a comprehensive electronic security access infrastructure that takes into account all of a building’s potential high-traffic points, a company can manage foot traffic both in entryways and restricted areas, while minimizing disruptions to those who need access.

Authorization leveling:

You can use an access control system to manage individual security credentials. Using a door locking system, along with a computerized database of access levels, users can automatically gain access to places they are authorized to be, while being restricted from the places they aren’t. The computer system can also be used to track records of access, showing what keys were used when, and where.

Perimeter control:

Access control doesn’t always start at the front door. Sometimes, the land around your campus requires gated control. We offer a wide range of solutions for both gated entryways as well as unmanned restricted areas.

Seamless integration:

Our expertise, along with the technology available today, allows us to integrate access control with other systems, to include active shooter detection systems, analytics, intrusion detection, and more. It also allows us to work with higher tech equipment, like retinal scanning or fingerprint recognition technology. Integration of all electronic security is always the best option for managing security infrastructure, which is why this is our specific area of expertise.

Why Choose 3Sixty Integrated for Your Access Control?

Innovation in the business security sector is booming, with some in the commercial security industry reporting growth as high as 20%. This is due to all the updates to wireless, high-definition, and smart technology. We take this innovation into account as we focus on building a complete access solution. We’re uniquely positioned to create the best access control system to meet your company’s needs, regardless of industry.


Our clients come to us when their systems aren’t fully functional. That’s why we have engineers—not salespeople—design your system. We create a cohesive solution with your unique requirements and existing components in mind. We act as guides from the beginning to the end of your access control system redesign, whether you’re looking to update individual components, want to completely revamp your system, or are starting from scratch.

Installation and Integration

Our qualified field technicians are certified in a variety of systems. This allows them to take a solutions-first approach when integrating and installing access control systems. Their job is to fully understand every piece of equipment they recommend and install and provide an expert opinion on where those components should be positioned and connected to existing systems.

Support and Training

We thoroughly train your staff when it comes to maintenance and management of your new components. On top of that, we provide service and support for the life of your system, so you can always get timely, expert advice. Our 24/7 support gives you the backup you need to be confident in your business’s access control, and Lifecycle Management ensures that we can track, optimize, and maintain your system throughout its lifecycle.

Access control is so much more than doors. It is the cornerstone of your building’s security, allowing you to determine who is in your building, and why. By working with 3Sixty Integrated as your security access control solution, you’ll be better positioned to manage your business’ security needs while ensuring the safety of your employees, clients, and customers.

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