Critical Communications

Although critical communications systems aren’t used every day, it’s crucial they are operational at any moment’s notice. Unfortunately, more often than not, corporate security monitors might not realize their system has a problem until the moment they need it the most. 3Sixty Integrated can provide a comprehensive solution to ensure that you’re able to contact who you need to when you need to.

Options in Critical Communications Systems

Technology is changing rapidly in the critical communications arena—AI, 5G, and IoT devices are making it easier to reach anyone anywhere. 

These systems can vary widely, but often include components like:

  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a grouping of technologies that leverage the internet to send and receive communications.
  • IP stations allow users to make calls via the internet, rather than through traditional phone lines. This enables you to set up remote call stations that don’t need phone access.  
  • IP video help stations take it a bit further by offering video communications, making it ideal for accommodating individuals with disabilities that impact their ability to use audio alone.
  • IP intercoms work off a company network, helping employees reach each other quickly and easily at any extension.   
  • Mass notification systems are ideal when you need to notify employees on a mass scale, like in the event of an office closing due to weather. These systems can send out a prerecorded message that can be shared with every employee or targeted to specific departments or branches.

Defining which components you’ll need and their optimal setup is  based on your unique business, as well as industry-specific concerns.  

Choosing a Best of Breed Integrator

A good security integrator will tell you that there is far more to critical communications systems than the individual components. Poor installation can make even the most sophisticated hardware ineffective. Failing to test systems regularly can cause you to miss significant issues. That’s why we take a total systems approach to any critical communications system we develop.  


Your critical communications evaluation starts with an onsite review of all your equipment and processes, to establish a baseline and create an initial plan.


Your power source is a primary concern point. We design around that, adding top of the line components to ensure that even power failures will not limit your ability to communicate effectively.


Integration is a crucial part of any installation. We install new components and ensure they are expertly and seamlessly integrated within your existing system.


We work in any environment. Even if you’re dealing with a complex physical set up or decentralized locations, we will come up with creative ways to deploy your emergency communications system.


The final part of our process is client education. We will teach your organization about your system as well as advise on testing schedules. We also provide ongoing service and support for the life of your system.

3Sixty Integrated brings the experience and expertise you need to have a fully functioning and high-performing critical communication system. With our experience in multiple industries from education and healthcare to enterprises, franchises and more, we know the value in critical safety. You may not use your critical communications system every day, but with us, you’ll be secure it will work right when you need it.  

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