Manage All Your Security Devices from One Dashboard with SiteOwl

The inability to update or know the status of all your organization’s security assets can leave you feeling… a little insecure. Since you never know when or if an incident will happen, nonfunctioning equipment can lead to serious risk, like vital data going unrecorded. You need to be sure all your security assets are working. If you have multiple facilities filled with hundreds of security devices, how can you manage them all?

Monitor All Your Security Devices with SiteOwl Security Management Software

3Sixty Integrated offers the ideal solution to these problems. SiteOwl™ Security System Management Software enables you to manage all of your security assets from one central vantage point. It’s a solution that focuses on increasing equipment uptime so you don’t lose visibility or control over secured areas, leaving your organization vulnerable to security breaches. If an asset goes down, SiteOwl not only alerts you, but also enables you to report the asset for maintenance with just one click. All outstanding, ongoing, and completed service tickets are documented in SiteOwl, where they are easy to access and review.

SiteOwl is a single access point for managing your:

Keep an eye on your security systems by utilizing SiteOwl’s comprehensive capabilities.

  • Strategic views: The dashboard provides a high-level view of your entire security infrastructure, with real-time status reports of every single security asset across all your locations. From there, you can easily navigate through devices and reports.
  • Device monitoring, management, and status: Digital floor plans of your organization are uploaded into SiteOwl, and your security system devices are mapped onto them with device icons. Floor plans are organized by site, buildings, and floors for easy access to exact device locations. Click on any device icon for model information, service history, and operational status.
  • Interaction with security assets: Your security assets are easy to locate in SiteOwl.
    • Digital floor plans show the precise location of every device, yet can be easily updated by dragging and dropping device icons to their current locations.
    • Frequently accessed devices can be added to a list of favorites.
    • Custom icons make different devices visually distinct, and color-coded statuses help you quickly identify problem devices.
    • Device cards detail specifics of each asset and can include age of device, past service tickets or warranty information, and even pictures of and from the equipment.
    • Interactive floor plans help you visualize future system changes and facilitate collaboration on security designs.
  • Ticket reporting and status tracking: SiteOwl makes it easier to manage your service tickets more efficiently as well. Submit tickets with one click, and technicians will be able to easily find the asset on your property using the SiteOwl digital blueprint. Service requests and documentation will be recorded in SiteOwl to that specific device’s card, allowing you to assess individual equipment’s history and performance. The reports from that data can give you valuable planning or budget analysis information.
  • Comprehensive reports: When budgeting for security system maintenance, repairs, and upgrades, a clear picture of your current system is crucial. SiteOwl provides detailed reports compiled according to a number of variables, such as device type, warranty dates, part number, building, floor, or site. Export this data to perform further analysis or discussion around future costs.
  • User management: SiteOwl allows you to assign profiles to different users based on what functionalities they need to perform their role and what data they need accessible. Administrators or technicians, for example, will require access to different aspects of SiteOwl, and their permissions can be granted accordingly.
  • Automatic email reporting: Information is automatically sent to assignees via weekly or monthly email notifications, depending on your preference. Quickly review the latest updates on your system and any overdue tickets straight from your inbox.

The Power of Visibility and Reliable Uptime

SiteOwl is software that enables you to see what’s coming. By having all past device information in the same place as current device status, you can fix things in the present while also looking to the future of your security system. In fact, investing in your security infrastructure by streamlining monitoring through SiteOwl provides many benefits:

  • Unlock your existing infrastructure’s hidden potential: Your legacy systems may not be optimized to their fullest potential. Our team will look for failure points in your existing system and offer solutions. Often, gaps and redundancies can be found when the comprehensive floor plan is crafted, bridging all platforms with seamless communication and a birds-eye view.
  • Reduce the chance of security breaches going unrecorded: By alerting you to malfunctions immediately, SiteOwl allows you to minimize device downtime. Should a security incident occur, it’s vital that all equipment is operational, or that you’re at least aware of any gaps and have taken informed measures to reduce risk.
  • Raise the quality of the security service you deliver: SiteOwl is an investment that will immediately and continually raise the value of your security system. By installing a comprehensive software solution that integrates, improves, and monitors your system now, you can work towards making your security plan proactive. This minimizes those reactive solutions that often result in unnecessary spending on inadequate, temporary fixes that need to be overhauled in the future while producing poor security in the interim.
  • Use repair and maintenance reporting for future budgeting decisions: By detailing all maintenance performed (and pending), including new installations and incidental repairs, you get a picture of how many items may need to be replaced or serviced within a given period, allowing you to set and prioritize your future security budget more accurately.

Get the Most Value out of SiteOwl with Lifecycle Management

Is there any way SiteOwl can make delivering excellent security coverage to your organization any easier? There is—when you combine it with 3Sixty Integrated’s Lifecycle Management. Lifecycle Management for security systems is a way to track, optimize, and maintain the functionality of a system throughout its entire lifecycle. In addition to utilizing the SiteOwl software, Lifecycle Management by 3Sixty provides these full-service benefits:

  • Technical Assessment: An initial and comprehensive security assessment determines precisely what security measures you currently have in place. 3Sixty’s experts provide insights into security optimization where necessary.
  • Specs & Standards: We add your system’s digital blueprints to SiteOwl, where detailed specifications of each and every piece of security equipment you use will be documented.
  • Optimize & Support: We take a proactive approach to your system’s performance, providing unlimited service calls, one-click service requests, scheduled maintenance, and programming updates. Large and small projects are tracked in SiteOwl to provide real-time status updates of any repairs, additions, or extensive security overhauls.
  • System Changes: Your security solution is continually evolving and includes routine equipment replacement and/or additions, provided by 3Sixty at set prices. All changes are documented in SiteOwl to keep your digital floor plan constantly up-to-date.
  • Reporting: SiteOwl provides a variety of data reports, enabling you to make informed budgeting and planning decisions. These decisions can be aided by 3Sixty’s experts, who are always available to help assess your future security needs.

Take Control of Your Security Asset Monitoring and Maintenance with SiteOwl

When people are counting on you to secure campuses and facilities, equipment failures can carry high stakes. Control your security assets and be confident they will stay up and running with SiteOwl Security System Management Software.

To learn more about SiteOwl, request a demo, or to find out about Lifecycle Management, call us today at (877) 374-9894 or fill out our contact form here.