3 Reasons a Security System Supplier Can’t Meet Your Business Needs

Some businesses will try to cobble together a security system on their own by purchasing piecemeal from a supplier. Security system suppliers deal with products, not integration, meaning they have short-term goals: they can get you what you need, but they are not thinking about how to develop a total system that will keep you covered. This approach can leave you facing three critical challenges.

#1: Limited Knowledge

While a security system supplier may have the product-specific expertise for components you need, they won’t necessarily be able to explain how those components will work within your existing system. As a result, your security system will not operate as one cohesive unit.

Furthermore, suppliers typically contract with specific product and systems manufactures. This means they may not have the ability to make recommendations outside of those parameters, even when an alternative solution may be better for your business’s unique needs.

#2: Competing Priorities

Generally, when a business pursues new security options, the goal is a total solution to a complex issue. A supplier’s goal is different: selling individual components. A new piece of tech can help, but it isn’t going to be the answer. Having different priorities than your supplier can be frustrating, time-consuming, and ineffective in the long run.

For example, a supplier of access control systems wouldn’t recommend that you use your available funds to update your visitor management software. That’s not what they are selling. Instead, they will steer you in the direction of things they do carry, even if there are other, more pressing issues with your system that require resolution immediately.

#3: Lack of Support

Apart from warranties against defective equipment, suppliers can offer very little ongoing support. You won’t be able to call that supplier to manage routine maintenance on your equipment or to get support when you have concerns that fall outside their coverage package. Besides, a supplier would only be able to advise on their own components; if something else in your security system were outdated, compromised, or failing, they would have no way of offering assistance.  

With 3Sixty Integrated’s approach, you can fully integrate all your security systems and ensure they are protected for as long as you’re in business. Our engineers don’t specialize in specific products, but instead in security integration as a whole, making them ideal for managing all your electronic security infrastructure needs. Call (210) 545-1770 or contact us for more information.