When To Change Out Your Security System: A Guide To Maintaining Enterprise Security

Initiating a total system overhaul as a reactive security measure is expensive and time-consuming. Even so, most businesses don’t make the decision to change out their security system until there’s a critical breach or failure. Proactive enterprise security protocols are more affordable and efficient but can be difficult to establish without a strong existing infrastructure. Integrated electronic security can automate maintenance and monitoring, so an organization never falls behind on system management.  

Most security system components have a 3 to 5 year expected lifespan, but proper maintenance can extend this significantly. Businesses should target refreshing their security system components on an annual basis.

Issues that Reduce the Lifespan of Enterprise Security Systems

Without the right technology, however, it can be difficult to implement this annual schedule in a cost-effective and timely way. This is especially true when you are facing design or installation issues such as:

  • Disparate systems: Large enterprises may have to track thousands of components, all with different providers, install dates, expected lifespans and warranties. It is impossible to proactively maintain a system without complete knowledge of all the parts involved. However, enterprises rarely have one center hub for managing all these components.
  • Poor installation: The useful life of a device is halved if corners are cut during installation. This means more money spent on replacement parts sooner. Meanwhile, service calls and repairs create direct costs for labor and parts, while business interruptions cause indirect financial losses.
  • Passive server management: It’s not enough that your system stores data. Enterprises must be able to take immediate action based on the information received from that data.

In one university’s case, they stored their video surveillance data from their security cameras. However, that data wasn’t managed, reviewed or even easily accessible. When trying to pull critical footage following a school shooting, they learned their cameras had actually gone offline well before the incident. This is a prime example of the risk of poor server infrastructure.

Quarterly checks of components can help extend their useful life, but this task becomes unwieldy in large organizations. The best way to streamline this task is by integrating electronic security components during the system design phase and using an intuitive management software.

Monitor When to Change Out Security Systems in Real Time

An organization with strong maintenance protocols doesn’t need to ask when to change out security systems. They’re already on a schedule! This schedule is established early on, as their system is designed and installed by an expert security integrator.

Installation is a critical process when developing proper maintenance schedules: the device’s listed useful life only applies if properly installed. Good security integrators create an ideal installation blueprint and adhere to it, making sure that each device is properly linked up to the system. This process can save a business an average of 30% of its initial spend by extending device life and reducing service calls.

Strong designs and expert installation also support turnkey maintenance monitoring. Integrated systems deliver data to a central software hub. An intuitive and automated SaaS program translates those communications into maintenance alerts. This allows for constant real-time monitoring of all components, no matter how big or complex the system. The moment a device goes offline, key stakeholders can take action.

High quality installation and supportive software set a baseline for system maintenance. After that, organizations should try to get on a yearly rotating upgrade schedule. Rotating schedules give the cost-effective flexibility needed to take advantage of industry innovations. This proactive approach ensures security stays up-to-date and helps enterprises create predictable schedules for when to change out security systems.

3Sixty Integrated can get you to the baseline you need to establish a strong electronic security infrastructure for your organization. Then, our SiteOwl software can take you the rest of the way, by providing access to all your device status information in one place. For more information, call (210) 545-1770 or fill out our contact form.