What to Look for in the Best Software For Enterprise Asset Management

Security officers can best detect threats when they can keep an eye on the state of the entire enterprise’s network. A bird’s eye view of their assets will allow them to quickly locate offline devices, eliminate security gaps and manage permissions the moment action is needed. However, with many enterprise security systems comprised of tens of thousands of devices, this task can become burdensome.

Software for enterprise asset management helps security officers monitor devices in real time by providing actionable, up-to-the-minute security information. SiteOwl offers a secure interface that is also accessible to the right people. It should also have features that allow enterprise leaders to take immediate action on security device problems.   

The Importance of the Interface in Enterprise Asset Management

The most important part of any asset management software is how users interact with the program. A robust interface combines usability and security. Enterprise leaders need interfaces that can be accessed and learned quickly by authorized users. At the same time, that interface can’t provide open access for any users who sign in.

To achieve a secure and usable interface, SiteOwl designers employed two collaborative design processes: iterative and participatory. As part of the iterative design process, the interface was developed, tested and redesigned multiple times to create the best possible tool. Participatory design, meanwhile, involved getting feedback from all key stakeholders who use the software and then updating accordingly. Implementing these strategies together allows developers to create a human-centric interface that fits their particular needs.

SiteOwl is unique because it was initially designed by security integrators for their own in-house use. When this in-house software is adapted for third-party use, those third parties gain the benefit of extensive, industry-specific testing and expertise. Above all, they get access to an interface that’s been specifically designed for ease of use and security.

How The Best Asset Management Software Provides Actionable Info

Asset management software isn’t just about offering a digitized system inventory. It must also provide actionable, up-to-the-minute information. SiteOwl includes a digital blueprint of the entire infrastructure. It also offers critical features for responding to issues, such as:

  • Live monitoring: Security devices may require maintenance or go offline without anyone being aware there’s a problem, increasing the risk of a serious potential breach. Live monitoring resolves this with proactive alerts for maintenance or technical issues. Once aware of these issues, stakeholders can proactively correct them through service calls or in-house maintenance.  
  • Service ticketing: The ability to send in a service ticket with one click saves time and speeds repairs. This type of service ticketing allows the user to submit a detailed report of the exact issue to the correct provider, so the technician can understand the details of the problem and resolve it the first time.
  • Automation: Asset management software should create a turnkey solution for many standard security processes. Updating permissions based on employment status or checking for firmware updates, for example, should be managed automatically. Automation eliminates the risk that individuals will fail to update databases or check for needed updates.
  • Integration: The ability to manage a range of different devices on the same system is critical. The best software stores warranties and tracks devices regardless of manufacturer or installation date. It also works with other internal software, like HR database management, to streamline permission and access needs.
  • Infrastructure mapping: The best asset management software should map existing devices by area. Users who need to find a specific device should be able to look it up and see its specific location on an easy-to-read floor plan.

SiteOwl is a highly effective asset management software, which we created by adapting our own system for in-house asset tracking. By repeatedly testing the software in real-world situations, we were able to ensure it provides all the critical features enterprise leaders need. When choosing the best software for asset management, enterprise leaders should look for a system with a similar design process. This way, they can automate the maintenance of many disparate devices and save time and money on security management.  

3Sixty Integrated offers SiteOwl to support your security infrastructure from installation to the end of the device’s useful life. Our field-tested software streamlines management and allows enterprises to allocate resources more efficiently. Call us at (210) 545-1770 or fill out our contact form for more details.