How Donations and Community Support Helped Improve Security at Sutherland Springs Church

First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas was the site of a tragedy that occurred less than two years ago, in November 2017, when a gunman opened fire, killing 26 and injuring 20 in the deadliest mass shooting in the state’s history. Thanks to the help and generosity of local businesses that banded together, the church was rebuilt and reopened its doors this past May to a congregation that, today, feels more hopeful. The new building was designed to welcome more worshippers in a safe and secure space.

Integrated Security Provides Peace of Mind

When it came to building the new church in Sutherland Springs the pastor said he didn’t want the church to look like a fortress, but he wants to make sure members feel safe when they attend services. Our team at 3Sixty Integrated led the design and installation of the building’s new integrated security system. The church is now equipped with intrusion detection system, intercoms, interior and exterior surveillance cameras, and an access control system, making it as secure as possible. The new building is staffed with a team that is extensively trained in emergency response and safety protocols, including de-escalation training.

The Power of the Local Community

This is definitely true in the rebuilding of First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs. An impressive number of businesses in the community worked together to make the project happen. On a statewide level, H-E-B donated $150,000, and shoppers at H-E-B and Central Market stores throughout Texas donated at the register. Several GoFundMe pages and fundraisers were set up by smaller businesses around that state. Individuals from all faiths and walks of life also came together to contribute their time and money to rebuild this devastated community. ” We as a community have chosen not to allow this tragedy to define us, we were a tight knit community before the tragedy and we are now even tighter since the recovery. We chose to reach out to one another and rebuild together rather than play the victim, and in doing so our community is that much stronger,” Pastor Frank Pomeroy said of the rebuilding efforts.

3Sixty Integrated was honored and grateful to be part of this rebuilding effort and to have the opportunity to donate the security equipment and installation services to provide peace of mind and protect the congregation.

The rebuilding of First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs would not have been possible without the support and hard work of the community. Now church members once again feel safe in their place of worship. The team at 3Sixty Integrated remains committed to helping the local Texas community in any way possible.